Thursday, 30 June 2016

A Selfie With A Rape Victim...WTH!

So selfies still remain to be in controversy and here is a new low that a member of Rajasthan State Commission for Women has created! This woman, named Somya Gurjar, crossed the line and went a step ahead in clicking a selfie. She clicked a selfie with a rape victim and two of those pictures have now gone viral.

The member of the Rajasthan State Commission for Women had gone to meet an alleged rape victim at the Mahila Police Station in North Jaipur. She was accompanied by the Commission’s chairperson, Suman Sharma, who is also seen in the selfie pictures.

When questioned about the shameful act committed by the woman, the chairperson, Ms. Sharma,  said that she did not know when Ms. Gurjar clicked the pictures while she was talking to the victim. But, in the pictures, one can clearly see the two women looking into the camera frame and posing. Now, what can be a more shameful act than this?

Being a student of journalism, we were always taught it is immoral reporting to show a rape victim’s face on TV or even reveal her name to the public. But here, these women, who claim they are from a Commission that works for women, are taking selfies openly with a rape victim. That too, in a police station! I mean, WTH? Is this what the world has come to?

Yes, we all know the world’s going crazy over selfies these days. In fact, there was yet another selfie controversy months ago when Pankaja Munde had clicked a selfie when she visited a drought-hit area in Maharashtra. But, the world still doesn’t seem to get enough of selfies! Forget the local public who do dangerous stunts to get themselves clicked at dangerous places which they find thrilling, but even politicians in India these days seem to be too much interested in selfies. The selfie bug seems to have spared none!

No, it’s not bad to click yourself and keep a memory of moments, but this? Clicking a selfie with a rape victim? And what is she going to get out of it? Does she want to boast of the social work she does by meeting poor rape and abuse victims in the villages of Rajasthan and helps them out? Surely, that’s a good thing to do- helping poor, helpless women out! But, of course, not with a selfie!
This is among the most disgraceful acts I have seen happen! Instead of understanding the woman’s issue and plight and helping her deal with it, these women are engrossed in getting themselves clicked with her. Such shame!

It is indeed a high time that we look at things rationally and understand their severity. People should try to understand situations and give a thought before they react irrationally to those!