About Me


I am Pooja Kshirsagar, a BMM Journalism graduate, currently employed as a Copywriter with an e-commerce firm. With an immense interest in Journalism, I have a plan of completing my Masters in Mass Communication shortly.

I am also an avid blogger and own two blogs: Take A Stand and What's In Buzz!

I have numerous interests, hobbies and passions. To top the list, I am extremely passionate about cars and driving. In fact, I love all kinds of four-wheelers and, if I would ever get a chance, I would love to drive an HMV (although I am not licensed for it :P)!

The second thing that I am most passionate about is Crime Journalism. In fact, I sometimes feel I should have applied for the position of an Inspector with CBI (I know it really sounds funny :P)! If given a chance, this is the second thing I would simply love to do and it is my ardent wish to investigate at least one crime case in my life.

Okay, when I am not thinking of cars and crime, I love music and dance. I also love reading and writing; and, by writing, I mean practically anything in the world. I personally prefer writing at night since I find peace of mind at this time and enjoy the solace it gives me.

In all, I am a simple and passionate individual, the one who believes in dreaming big! I also tend to think a lot that often gives me a terrible headache! :P

'Take A Stand' is my personal blog that is an outcome of my passion for writing and motivation from some really close friends. I don’t find time to write regularly but try writing whenever possible. This is the best platform for me to express my thoughts and opinions on issues I think are significant and affect us in some or the other way.

If you find my blog posts rational and interesting, please do comment and let me know your views. If you agree with them, please share!

You can also get in touch with me on my email id: poojakshirsagar12@gmail.com