Saturday, 30 November 2013


My weekend post dedicated especially for my friends! It is truly difficult to find good friends in life! I am lucky enough though to find all of you who always supported, encouraged and mentored me. To all my college buddies, I miss you a lot! To all my office friends, I would forever treasure we bond we share! You all have always taught me something good and that makes the friendship even better, worthy and priceless. Love you all!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Politics over the modesty of a woman??

Hello guys,

As I mentioned in my last post, being a Journalism student I developed interest in News and Current Affairs, I am habituated to keeping the website of NDTV open on my office PC everyday which I refresh it occasionally (whenever I am bored ;P!) I have been reading since the last week, a lot about the Tehelka case and the developments in it. I was stunned reading a report today where the young journalist has mentioned that post her complaint, her intentions were questioned by few politicians! I mean how does a woman become characterless if she complains about being molested? Is it because the "accused" is someone with power and esteem in the society? And the basic question that remains unanswered in my mind is that, in what way is the case connected to politics! Politics is an independent premise altogether; the case has nothing to do with it!
And yesterday's episode of the BJP person Vijay Jolly writing "accused" on the entrance of Tehelka's Ex Managing Editor, Shoma Chaudhury! Was it needed anyway? I do not mean to support her act nor do we know the actual episode thoroughly (People only know the picture that media paints). However, I believe that the case could have been handled much better by the organisation. The point here is, why our politicians have to interfere in every single thing that has not a sing
le link with them.
Being a girl, it fills me with distress and embarrassment to know that such incidents happen in the country,,even after the rape and molestation laws have been amended...and that a person with principles- Tarun Tejpal can do this! And it is further annoying to know that our politicians play their dirty game of politics on such sensitive issues- questioning the motives of a young woman, probably the age of their daughter!
One thing that's commendable in the whole episode is that the journalist, despite knowing her career would be at risk, showed the courage to speak out on the matter and report it! A salute to her courage!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hello everyone!

This is Pooja Kshirsagar and 'A Talk for Action' is my new blog. I am a BMM Journalism graduate from K.J.Somaiya College, Mumbai.

About the blog:

To start with, since I was a Journalism student, I developed an interest in current affairs and news. Looking at the current happenings in our country, I am of the strong opinion that youth can and should raise voice against all the social wrongdoings that prevail today. I mean we are aware of what is happening in our surroundings but most of the times, we tend to ignore things! The youth definitely has the power to bring about a change in the society. I know this is a dry topic and most of you would dismiss it. I have created this blog as a platform to express my opinions and I would love to get comments, opinions and suggestions from my readers!

In this blog, I intend to write about Current Issues, the mot trending ones in news!

Hope to get a great response from you!