Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Thank You all for a wonderful year !!!!!

As the year 2013 is set to meet its end tomorrow, it feels great and also sad to bid adieu to a wonderful year that brought a hundred smiles on the face and a hundred tears in the eyes! The year has come to an end, within no time! Time flies away, it really does, and I still remember clearly the moments of ultimate joy and sorrow throughout the year!

It started off quite well, moved forward very swiftly and gave some lifetime experiences that I would never ever forget! This year I graduated from my college, a place I miss the most everyday! The bunking of lectures, the lunch at canteen, the frankie outside the college, those ling walks in the campus! There are some things that remain special in life, no matter what! I would love thanking my awesome friends for this wonderful college life that I enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you +Aarti Ranpura, Reshmi Nair, +Kinjal Shah +Hansel Mendonca +smeet vedant +Avirath Kadam +priya shetty +harshala barge +Prarthana Uppal +Swapnali Barot +Pratik Bhanushali, Eric, Aarti Jadhav and Sujata Kharat. 

After college, I had the best experience of my life at work. First time is always special and so was the first job for me! I met some of the best friends of my life- not only friends but guides and sisters who motivated me and helped me understand things! Guys, seriously I am writing this blog today because I learnt it at my first job with you all. Thank you all of you for explaining me things and helping whenever I needed. Love you +Neetee Mhatre +Archana Patil +Harshada Kadam +Jitu Mane, Adiya Jalgaonkar, +Datta Dhisale +Devendra Tanawade. I have had a great time with you all, we have laughed so much that you would forever remain special for me!

And how can I forget my family? They were always there to help me, support and motivate! After family is the one whom you share your special moments of joys and sorrows with. Thank You so much +Neha Kshirsagar  +Satish Kshirsagar Mummy , Pranali Sarangdhar, Vidya Sarangdhar, Shalmali Kulkarni, Surendra Sarangdhar, Mrunal Kulkarni, Shardool Kulkarni, both my grandmoms, Supriya Kadadekar, +Shailesh Kadadekar and Aayu Kadadekar.

And then comes the turn of my new office mates! Although I haven't bonded with many, here come a few names that added smile to my face! Thank you so much +Aarti Ranpura Aditi Junnarkar, Ashwini Dhoble and Anandi.

All the above mentioned people, you made my life wonderful this year and I hope you all stay the same with me forever! Sorry if I missed out on someone's name. I love you all! :)

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Yet another brutality of the Indian society towards a girl !!!!

This is a random picture and not
the picture of the mentioned girl
Few days back, I had written on the pathetic living conditions of police, a story reported by the Mumbai-based news channel Jai Maharashtra! Although I do not regularly follow the channel, yet another story reported by it is a shocking incident that reveals the harshness of the Indian society towards women! No, this is not a case of rape nor molestation! It is a story of a girl who was subjected to unwanted responsibilities at a tender age and her fight for justice! Ok..to start with, what is the legal age for marriage of girls in India? We all know getting a girl married before eighteen years of age is a punishable crime! According to me, even eighteen is a small age for marriage; a girl is not mentally as well as physically prepared to shoulder the responsibility of this relation at this age! Not shying away from revealing my age, I admit being 21 today and still I can't even think of marriage! The news story reported by Jai Maharashtra is about a girl who was married to a man of 40 when she was 3. Yes, that's right! 3!!! And the moment I heard this, I was awestruck and I couldn't help saying "What the hell is this!"

The Indian society has been treating girls brutally since ancient times, many consider them awful, others consider them ominous! Even today, when our Constitution guarantees the Right to Equality to all, it is a matter of fact that a girl has not achieved the status and independence a boy gets in the family and the society! This might not be in the entire country, but yes, its there, still there, in some places and villages, where education hasn't spread light! And so many girls are subjected to such nonsense every year in this country; many of the cases do not get reported because they take place in remote places and the women there are not qualified enough to know their rights and seek redressal! Every year, so many women are tortured for dowry even today, and not to ignore the fact, even educated families believe into this awful tradition! Why?

I haven't got the answer to the question yet "Why are girls unwanted in families?" I mean people want wives to cook for them and look after their home, they want women to give birth to children and the family's heir, they want their mother to love and take care of them! But they don't want daughters! Even today, girls are killed in the name of holy killings or simply because they are girls! Why do parents not want their daughters to live and come into this world? And, in some cases, if the girl child isn't killed, she is married at a tender age, may be in exchange of money or as a repayment of a loan, or also in exchange of a favor made by someone in the past! Why a girl always? If parents feel that a girl is a load on them, why do they even care to give birth to a child? And this is not only a scenario in rural areas, this is happening even in cities! I have personally met a family (I would not like to provide any description of it) where a girl was married at the age of 16!

Even though India states equality as its basic principle, it has not been achieved in reality! However, girls who show the guts to emerge from such situations and fight for justice are really worth respect! Yes, we cannot change the mentality of people, some people believe in such orthodox stuff, but the next time you come across the girl seeking help to get rid of the atrocities done to her, do not shy away from offering your support, for your help might change a life forever!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Isn't rash driving and killing a crime?

Every time I step out of my home informing my parents that I am taking our car out, I get hundred instructions to drive slow and safe! It seems rich people do not teach this to their children, assuming they would simply let go off any untoward incident or accidents. This evening I got a message on Whatsapp regarding the recent accident case in Mumbai on the high-profile Peddar Road in which 2 people were killed and 6 injured. The Aston Martin car with Rs.4.5 crore that crashed into an Audi on the road has been proven to be owned by Reliance. Reports also state that the expensive sports car was driven by the Ambani son, Akash Ambani. I had read the news on NDTV the day the accident took place. However, the story was later deleted from the websites of all news channels and newspapers, there were no follow ups made and even the Mumbai police tried to hide the identity of the culprit! I cannot assert that the accident was caused by Akash Ambani himself but  I would like to know why the story was never reported again.

This points out how pure our entire system is! This points out how pure our law enforcement system is! And this points out how true the media is! We have been believing that rash driving and killing someone, drunken driving was a crime. Yes, it certainly is! But not for the high-profile Indians who are rich and owners of some of the prominent news organisations in India. My question is why is only common man liable to law? We have been taught since childhood that no man is superior before law. Then why this discrimination?

A few months back, I was driving my car and accidentally I happened to enter a one way! I was caught that time and my driving license was seized unless I visited the police station and paid the fine. If such a small thing could be fined, why is a murder not considered as a crime? Just because it was committed by someone influential. Does this mean you would be ready to surrender your life to someone who has a lot of money just to walk away with a clean chit?

The Supreme Court has recently passed a judgment stating gay relationships and gay sex is a crime! Do you know what? The Court took away our basic right from us; we do not have the liberty to decide whom to love and spend our life with. If that could be considered a crime, isn't a murder something more grave and important? Why should the common man suffer always? It is not proved anyway that the Ambani son was involved in the murder, but I personally think the case could have been reported further instead of deleting it from anywhere. And our politicians, as usual, who scream on the top of their voices while demanding votes, too kept mum about the issue. And this doesn't surprise me at all! After all what can we expect from these fellows?

After all, a common man is a common man in India and he would be exploited always! The rich have fun always, however!

Kindly rhttp://www.gizmocrave.com/26066-was-akash-ambani-driving-the-aston-martin-sports-car-that-killed-two-in-mumbai/

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

They help us live a safe life..but what kind of life they live???

I am writing this article today based on an exclusive news story reported by a Marathi language news channel "Jai Maharashtra". One of my friends had recommended me to watch this exclusive feature film and, being a citizen, I deem this issue a crucial one. Last week, Jai Maharashtra reported about the pathetic living conditions of Nagpur Police. I happened to see the detailed coverage of the story on YouTube and was shocked to see the condition in which our Police live. Police are our guards; every day, they work, patrol and maintain law and order in the city so that we sleep fearlessly in our homes. Every time I travel in train late at night, there is at least one police in the ladies compartment. Guys, they work in shifts, sometimes also doing over times, so that we citizens enjoy a secure life. We have holidays on Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year and other festivals! These fellows have to work extra on these days, to maintain law and order, forget about getting a holiday! Is this not enough? Police are subjected to extreme poor living conditions in Nagpur (as reported by the news channel).

As I watched the video (news coverage) of the exclusive feature, the first thing that came to my notice was that police live in tents at Nagpur. And that too about ten police in a single tent! Guys, despite having 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats today, we cannot imagine sharing our home with ten people. How would they be sleeping in such a small tent? I really cannot imagine! The second thing that instantly caught my attention was the kind of food served. The 'Dal', what we commonly eat with rice, served to them, looked as good as water! And if an on-duty police arrives late for dinner, the food gets finished! So, are they supposed to sleep hungry after having a long and tiring day!

What is surprising is that the Police Department is an important organ of the government machinery and despite this, they are treated in such a pathetic way! Ask the government how much money is spent on politicians every year! Whenever a politician wishes to travel from one state to another, helicopters and choppers are hired, huge sums are spent on maintaining tight security and accommodation in 5 star hotels. And the government does not have money to provide at least worth living conditions to our poor police! I do not know how true it is, but yes, as reported by the channel, some of the top officials also collect a fixed sum from the new police staff and no one knows where the money goes! Guys, these people work hard whole day to earn a decent living, they put their life in danger on so many occasions so that people's life is not endangered! Why are they supposed to pay the sum every month without knowing what the money is utilized for? This is grave injustice- they already get very little stipend and almost half of it is lost this way!

A humble request from my side- There are several politicians who would show dreams of development in future and ask for votes. This is what development India is growing through today! The next time you vote, think twice before you choose your leader!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

16 December....An year later!

16 December 2012! Who wouldn't remember this date? A day of terror, a day that shook every Indian, a day that led to an uprising all over the country, a day that raised questions over women's security! It is 16 December yet again! Its past an year that the country witnessed one of the most horrendous crimes in its history- the rape of a young girl on a moving bus in the national capital. One year after witnessing the terrific incident, an year after fighting for the security of women, how safe are we today? Is there anyone to answer this?

Last year, India witnessed a ghastly crime, one of its nature, that left every India awestruck. After holding candle marches and protests, after having sentenced the criminals to death penalty, India still today fights to protect its women from the horrible intentions of some males. After the Delhi Rape Case, although protests were held in every part of the world, what did really change? Although the law relating to rape, molestation, etc changed, do women in India feel safe today? I had previously written an article over this (http://your-speak.blogspot.in/2013/12/law-has-changed-but-how-many-changes.html) where I had attempted to analyse the after effects of the Delhi case and the subsequent changes in law. For those who have read the article, you would surely know that the number of crimes against women, particularly molestation and rapes, showed a slanting upward  graph. So what lessons have we taken from the deadly incident an year ago? Nothing? Even after an innocent girl lost her life?

When the question of security of women is raised, we haven't been successful in making the world a better place for girls. There are so many women who commute with fear everyday, late night, because they work in shifts or they have to support their family! Haven't they got the right to enjoy a secure life? Even Mumbai, that was once considered as the safest city for women in India, has had a record of crimes in the last year. Every day I commute, I see men staring, some even passing comments, some singing, whistling and what not! And every girl has witnessed this at some point in life, however, many of us simply ignore because that's the best way to deal with it! And then people say girls are at fault, their dressing is blamed ! Why don't we simply attempt to teach our sons and brothers to respect women instead?

Today, on 16 December 2013, I have written this blog to salute the spirit of the young braveheart who fought for life despite being completely destroyed. Yes, we can never imagine the ordeal she went through, so just a salute to her spirit, will power and bravery! If every girl in India shows this spirit and raises voice over even the smallest of crimes, we would definitely be able to make our country a better place, if not the best!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

When we were kids... And the kids of today!

When we were kids, we loved ice creams and chocolates!!When we were kids, playing meant games like "running race", "lock and key", "stop-party", "badminton", etc!Today's kids want pizzas and burgers! Today's kids, when speak of playing, mean video games, mobile phones, laptop and PSP!! 

There's not even a gap of a generation.. just a few years! So, what has changed?

Man has been evolving continuously since times immemorial. Every generation that takes birth is more intelligent and smarter than the previous one. And by saying 'smarter', I literally mean smarter! Yes, children today are much smarter than we were at their age. Today, every school going kid I meet has a mobile phone in hand. (I know school-going children are no longer kids, but they always remain so for us since we were treated like kids when we were their age). Many times, while travelling in train, I have observed- kids literally snatch cell phones from their moms and play games on them, listen to music and what not! I recall when I was in school, I don't exactly remember in which standard I was, my dad had got a new cell phone and I was  afraid to even touch it! But today's kids know operating all types of phones, in fact, most of them have a smartphone in hand by the time they enter secondary school. I am not at all critical of having technical knowledge from a young age, but to what extent? Is this making our kids smarter than required? Is it stealing their innocence?

Technology, today, rules over us! We get home machines and gadgets, we have computers and we have internet- all to make our work easy! But are we slowly becoming slaves to these? Most parents today work so that they can give their child the best lifestyle- the luxuries that they couldn't get in their childhood! But, how many children are aware what compromises their parents make to get them every bit of happiness? We gift our children with latest, cool and fashionable mobile phones, we permit using Facebook and Twitter, we allow night outs with friends and what not? In an attempt to give happiness to our kids, are we spoiling them?

Yes, I have observed so many children, specially in their teenage, due to an over influence of internet or TV shows and peer pressure, falling prey to unwanted stuff- stuff that isn't right for their age! I completely understand teenage (I have been through it too) but what they have today was not accessible to us then! Today, children watch TV, and for most parents go to work, children are alone at home and there's no way we can make out what they watch. Children go out to play; but do they really play? What do they do? Most of us don't know! They have Whatsapp and Facebook, but whom do they chat with? Yes, this definitely spoils children- I have seen so many school-going kids having girlfriends and boyfriends, and I feel like "I didn't know a girl and a boy can be something more than friends" at their age!

The access to latest technologies, TV, social media has influenced children immensely today- most children have grown up above their age and have lost their innocence!

For parents- Please make sure you do not

fulfill each and every unnecessary wish of your child! Be updated about where your child goes, whom he/she talks to or who are his/her friends. The world is not that a good place today and we definitely do not want our children to fall prey to any unwanted and unethical stuff!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

“Preachers of God”, inhuman acts !!!!!

Indians believe in so many things! We believe in superstitions, we believe in magic, we believe in lucky charm, we believe in God, and what not? Many Indians also largely believe in spiritual preachers and their preaching. Yes, this is the reason we have many such preachers in India- Asaram Bapu is one of the most well-known among them. Personally I do not suggest that finding God in a person is something evil; in fact, God can only be found in people who help us in times of need, offer love, support and care. But, the extent to which we should believe in this needs to be determined.

What we perceive and what it actually is!

Spiritual leaders in India have been, on several occasions, criticized for being false to people, for being violent and committing gruesome crimes. Yes, rape is a gruesome crime and our so called “Gods” have been accused of it. There are several cases against one of the most famous spiritual preachers in India- Asaram Bapu and his 41 year old son, Narayan Sai. Both of them have been charged with rape by many victims, while Asaram has allegedly been involved in murder too. People perceive these personalities as messengers of God and this is what they are in reality! They preach us to be truthful and clean in character and this is what their reputation seems like!

Both, the father and the son are in custody currently and police also revealed that the son has confessed to raping a woman and having physical relationship with many of his female followers. If such individuals, whom people pitch as their ideals, begin committing crimes like this, what shall we expect from the common man? And these so-called “God” men, also, with their wide contacts and financial strength, walk away through such cases, emerge innocent and clean and continue with their criminal activities.

Asaram Bapu's comments over the Delhi rape case!

And let me recollect what Asaram Bapu had commented over the Delhi rape case! The so-called God believed that the girl victim was at fault, she should have begged in front of the accused men and called them brothers! The disgusting remark had evoked the sentiments of youth who criticised him in a number of ways. I do not understand how such men, who are given the highest stature of being close to God, can believe in such evil and actually commit one. This is our country guys! We do not know the actual face of many; the many whom we consider ideals and our representatives (if you know what I mean)! Think before you trust someone; think before you follow someone and think before you give power to someone!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A beginning of a change.....!!!!!!

Unexpected it was, not for me alone but for the whole country, not for the common man alone but for all politicians, celebrities and just everyone! The results of the Delhi polls have created a stir all over the country; it has proved the strength of common man and that people today are capable of judging better and choosing the best! Although it stood at the second position, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of Arvind Kejriwal, was successful in defeating the mighty government of Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi for three consecutive times. The victory comes as a treat to democracy, marks the victory of common man leaves a ray of hope railing everywhere- the hope of seeing a change and the hope of seeing a better India.

I am not much into politics- I am not the kind who would switch on the TV, monitoring each and every update on the poll results because I was sure history would repeat and nothing would change. In fact, many youngsters today, who should be taking interest into politics and changing its face for the good of people, are not interested in it owing to its negative reputation and increasing corruption. Today, however, a history was created! People of Delhi proved that a government is made for the people and that if it fails to cater to their demands and work for their development, they would be thrown from their position. Such is the power of people!

In my last post, I had urged young minds to stand up and raise voice against social evils, have compassion and speak up for a better tomorrow. Today I see that happening in one part of the country; at least a beginning of a change is felt and feels my mind with pride to see that people are on their way to prove the government their power and establish the true meaning of democracy! Youngsters, truly, have great power for change!

Congratulations Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

If not us, then who? Stand up today!

Some of my last posts were based on sexual harassment and laws pertaining to them. Today, I read a news on NDTV that left me awestruck and forced to think- Is this what progress we are achieving? The cases of harassment have been increasing day by day, despite attempts made to curb them. The news I read today said, two years ago, a Human Resource Manager employed with a reputed US-based multinational company was fired for supporting his female colleague who complained of sexual harassment from her Director. The efficient and vigilant professional, instead of merely trying to cover up the case, assorted to support the colleague and take legal action. The professional is jobless for 2 years now, paying a high price for choosing to act as per the law.
What message is this going to give us?

How many victims get adequate and timely help?

Most professionals today shy away from supporting their female colleagues who are a victim of misbehavior at the workplace or even offering help fearing they would lose their job. Forget the professional world, how many of us would help a man lying on the road, injured, bleeding and in a condition that clearly points to murder? In the month of December last year, when the victims of the fatal gang rape in Delhi were thrown out from the moving bus, people simply passed by, afraid of being caught up in a case unnecessarily and the victims could get help only after 40 minutes. Is this fair? I mean, don't you think 40 minutes are enough for a person to lose life?

Why are people not willing to help?

I have personally witnessed such incidents before where victims of rape, murder and even accidents are left to die on the road with fear of getting trapped in police questioning unnecessarily or receiving threats from the accused. Who is to blame in this? Is it the people or the system that handles these cases? The fact is we do not get any support or security for helping a person or for serving as a witness in such sensitive cases. Today, if you stand up for someone, you would be forced to withdraw, you would be offered huge sums of money and perks, you would be threatened or sometimes even attacked and harmed. This has created a sense of fear in the minds of people who, despite willing to help innocent victims, pass away from their side, feeling sorry for them.

A request on my part!

A humble request to you guys, do not think so much before helping anyone, your one effort could save a life! And this may happen to any one of us tomorrow, we know well now India is no longer a safer place it used to be! And for support and security, it will come when it has to if we fight for it collectively. If the world is to be made a safer place, it is we, and no one else who can do that! So stand up today guys so that we enjoy a better tomorrow!

Friday, 6 December 2013

An Inspiration he was, truly!

In my country, we go to prison first
and then become President- Mandela
It came as any other morning, everything was fine as usual; people going to work and all the daily stuff happening like every day. Amid all the chaos, there had been a loss of a gem, one of the most inspirational human being on the earth, a person who made impossible possible and contributed invaluably towards eliminating apartheid from South Africa- NELSON MANDELA. A great leader that he was, Mandela followed the principles of our 'Father of the Nation'- Mahatma Gandhi and strived hard whole life to free his country from the distressing practice of apartheid. His loss has created a hole all over the world, filled the heart of every child, youth, adult and old, whose life he touched with his exemplary virtues of leadership and humanity!

Mandela died at his residence in Johannesburg at the age of 95 on 6 December, 2013. He was one of the greatest human beings of all times and a charming personality with due regard for truth and equality. He was the first black President of South Africa, a chair he got after serving a 28 years in jail. What a man he was! Today, we cannot go a day being locked up in a room and this man spent 28 years of his life in a lockup! Commendable!

Throughout his life, he struggled to establish democracy in South Africa and gave important virtues of humanity such as forgiving to the world. The exemplary hero was awarded with the highest civilian honor "Bharat Ratna" for his dedicated efforts and true leadership. He also won the Nobel Prize in 1993.

I haven't studied the work of the legend in much detail; however, whatever I have read and heard about him, I know he was a great human being, a person for change and an inspiration all! Today, when he has left the world, let us owe to continue his legacy and work towards making our country a better place to live. Yes, it is difficult, but not impossible though! As Mandela quotes, "It always seems impossible until its done."

R.I.P Mandela!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What matters more? The age of the criminal or the crime?

In my last post, I had discussed on the topic of the increasing rape cases in India, their grave nature and how the problem has grown severe despite the Rape Law has been amended to cover a number of smaller crimes. Amending the Law was indeed a good step (let's not think about how many changes it brought or whether rape cases saw a fall). Today, when I hear the word 'rape', the first thing that comes to my mind is the Delhi Rape Case- A case that awakened the entire nation and brought the problems of women into limelight. As the terrific incident is near to complete an year, and even though the main accused were handed death penalty this year, do you think the brave-heart girl really got justice?

Trial for the juvenile accused in the fatal Delhi gang rape

As the world is set to celebrate Christmas and people are engrossed making new year plans, the parents of the girl are still fighting for justice. One of the accused in the case, being a juvenile, was convicted separately in the Juvenile Justice Court, where, according to the Juvenile Law, a maximum of three year jail term was awarded to the accused. My question here is, what is more important- whether the crime committed by an individual or his age? We all know about the horrendous nature of the Delhi rape case, the magnitude of the crime and also that the juvenile was the most destructive among them all. Of what the media reported, the juvenile is known to be the most violent culprit among the all- his beastly treatment left the girl completely destroyed who later succumbed to her injuries in Singapore.

Was the 3 year term enough?

Looking at the nature of the crime committed, was 3 years imprisonment an enough punishment for the accused? Has the brave-heart victim really got justice completely? We cannot imagine the agony the girl went through, the pain she experienced and even the slightest imagination brings goosebumps to us.And when all the men convicted had attempted the same crime, was it fair to leave the boy with such a meagre punishment merely considering  his age? I do not know whether the accused will give up the bad road and get converted ever in his life, however, it is certain that the brave victim would not obtain complete justice unless the accused is awarded punishment with regard to his crime and not age.

The history seems to be repeating..

Also considering the rape case of a young journalist in Mumbai at Sh

akti Mills, one of the accused has been recognized as a juvenile. If the accused is tried in a similar manner as the Delhi Rape Case accused was, don't you think it would leave an impression to the under-age guys out there that they could escape huge crimes easily? I do not mean to say that all juvenile criminals should be hanged to death. The crime committed by the accused should be considered well before any judgment is delivered.

A salute to the spirit of the brave-heart!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Law has changed! But how many changes could it bring?

We are in the last month of 2013 where people count on what they achieved the entire year, the losses made and plan and make resolutions of the future. The month of December also reminds me of something else- the fatal gang rape that took place in the same month an year ago in the national capital. As the memory of the dreadful incident flashes my mind, I am forced to think about what we learnt from the incident. Following the horrendous crime, there was national outrage with people protesting vigorously for women's rights, participating in candle marches and forcing the government o bring changes in the existing rape laws. And, considering the grave nature of the crime that occurred, the rape laws were amended or in other words, widened to cover a number of other crimes of a smaller nature that often go unreported or unnoticed.

Statistics of rape cases in 2013

As I read the news everyday, I find at least one news on rape, molestation or sexual assault. In an year where the nation united to fight for the rights of women, an year where the accused of the Delhi gang-rape case were awarded death penalty, the number of rape cases have reportedly gone up by 158 percent! What a shame for the country! As reported by IBN Live on April 23, 2013, the cases of rape all over the country had gone up by 158 percent while those of molestation and eve-teasing by 600 and 700 percent respectively. Alone in the national capital Delhi this year, the number of rape cases have increased from 330 in the last year to 806 this year. The increase is quite sharp and, moreover, shocking even after the law for rape has been amended and redefined, encompassing even crimes such as molestation and passing lewd comments, etc.

Cases that attracted media attention

If we observe and scan the passing year thoroughly, we have some rape cases that caught the attention of media and left the country speechless. The gang rape of a Mumbai-based journalist on assignment, accompanied with a male colleague at Shakti Mills, the gang rape of a female cop carrying the corpse of her sister in Jharkhand and the recent high-profile Tehelka sexual assault case that falls under the bracket of rape is an evidence of what changes have taken place in practicality despite law amendments.

What next?

We Indians need to change our mentality first, men should respect women and their integrity and only then a better for women will be born.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Death! A Loss!

It comes as a shocking news to all the youngsters out there- the sad demise of the young and talented Hollywood actor Paul Walker. Death is a devastating phenomenon; a feeling that fills your life with emptiness! And when it comes to the death of a young, talented and immensely handsome actor like Walker, you do not have words to express the grief! The news has left many awestruck and moreover, made a huge loss to the industry. We all know " Fast and Furious" would never be the same without him.

Walker died in a car crash while travelling with a friend in his Porsche Carrera GT. The driver, reportedly, lost control of the speeding car that first hit a pole and then caught fire. Both, the actor and his friend were declared dead on the spot.

Walker began  his career at a very young age and has worked for many television  shows and music videos, barring films. He has several awards to his credit-
The Young Hollywood Award for Exciting New Face- Male
 New Stylemaker- Male
 Hollywood Breakthrough Award 
 MTV Movie Award (Best On-screen Team) shared with Vin Diesel (The Fast and the Furious)
 Teen Choice Award (Choice Movie Chemistry) for Walker and his car in 2 Fast 2 Furious

The 40 year old artist first rose to fame in 1999 with the film Varsity Blues. His performance was later greatly applauded, loved and acknowledged and the Fast and Furious series.

The death of the young and beloved actor has created a hole in the industry and his fans would forever moan his absence the Fast and Furious series.

With his words, "IF SOMEDAY SPEED KILLS ME, DON'T CRY COZ I WAS SMILING", further adds to the grief of leaving him forever!