Friday, 28 August 2015

Go Home Terrorists...We Can Destroy Our Country Ourselves!

Since the last two days, every time I check the news for latest headlines, I can see stories of the Sheena Bora case and the latest developments in it. In fact, there hasn’t been any news as crucial as the Sheena Bora case in the media since yesterday and every media, right from the print, electronic and the digital has been talking about it. Of course, being a murder case, it is of importance and its investigation and coverage must be given adequate footage. But, the case has largely overshadowed an important news that was barely reported in comparison to this high profile murder conspiracy.

It was yesterday when I logged on to the website of NDTV that I read this news that instantly went to the bottom of the website today as the Sheena Bora case witnessed developments. Another terrorist has been caught by the police in Jammu and Kashmir yesterday after the arrest of Naveed earlier this month. The arrest of Naveed was a big news in the media but the arrest of the second terrorist yesterday failed to create the spark. Of course, because there is a case that is far more sensational than this one which needs to be given abundant footage rather than making people aware and alert about a possible attack or its planning by terrorists coming to India from Pakistan.

The arrest of this second terrorist has made it very clear that some terrorist organization in Pakistan had plotted attacks in India that were to be executed by the caught terrorists. And, we are still unsure how many terrorists actually came to India or whether there are more, other than these two, to execute their plotted attacks.

Anyway, we, the ‘brave’ people of India do not care about terrorists entering our country because we are capable of destroying out motherland on our own. Where our own people in Gujarat killed 8 people, burnt public property and scared the shit out of people by imposing curfews, do we need terrorists to plant bombs, destroy our cities, kill innocent people and break our unity? We are not united in the first place because we want special privileges as compared to the other castes and categories in our own state and country. And, in a country where a mother is killing her own daughter in such as brutal way for a motive that is still unclear, do we need terrorists to kill our loved ones?

Dear media, of course it doesn’t matter whether terrorists enter our country or angels do. Of course, it doesn’t matter if some innocent people are killed in the firing that took place in Jammu or if our police and soldiers were injured. All we bother about is why Mrs. Indrani Mukherjea killed her daughter along with her ex husband. Because that is what we are interested in! Because that is what is sensational! And because that is what generates revenue, isn’t it?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Something’s Burning Out There – The Issue Of RESERVATION…

As I write the word RESERVATION today, no one needs an explanation on what I’m going to write on! Yes, the last few days have been crucial for Gujarat and India as a whole as the issue of ‘reservation’ progressed something from what was limited to a few strikes and demonstrations to a movement involving lakhs of people and attracting the attention of the Central Government. Reservation has always been a sensitive issue for the people in India, largely because we still somewhere believe in castes and creeds and do not want to be in equal with people of the other castes.

Okay, so basically, reservations were started for the people who were deprived, downtrodden and untouchables in the traditional times and did not have the right to seek education or get jobs in sophisticated organizations. In order to uplift these people was the concept of reservation implemented by the government in the first place. But over the years, it has now become one of the most misused privileges by the people of India. I do not mean to offend the people of any particular caste or category by saying this; in fact, I myself belong to the OBC category but no, I don’t support the reservation system since the sole purpose of it has been lost over the years.

So the issue of reservation has taken an ugly turn in Gujarat and has ultimately culminated into curfews being laid, the army being called and even into casualties. And, the reason being a petty thing like ‘reservation’! Now this is something that can literally cause a war in the entire country if people of other castes come up with such demands too. My basic question is, why does one need reservation at all in today’s world? Do we not have the capability of achieving things on our own, getting admitted to reputed colleges or securing a job for ourselves in government firms? And then, this 21 year old ‘leader’ Mr. Hardik Patel, claims the movement to be non-violent when I can see the news of 3 casualties being reported in the Gujarat violence!

This guy Hardik Patel is surely a brave fellow; being merely 21 year old, he has managed to lead a movement that has grown big enough to get the attention of the entire country and that surely needs to be praised. But, I would have supported this guy if he would have asked the government to abolish all sorts of reservations from government jobs or college admissions. What sense does it make in asking reservation for a community that has lakhs of people? If his demands are met today, someone else will come up tomorrow with a similar demand. What is the government to do then?

Another reason for me not supporting this guy is the violence that is movement has caused in Gujarat and the destruction of public property. I mean what is one going to get by vandalizing the public property and killing people? Is that what the community wants? Things can be sorted out by mere talks and there is absolutely no need to make such a great issue out of a petty thing.

What happens next and how the government reacts to the mess is what is interesting me right now!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Social Media – Now Becoming A House Of False And Stupid Posts…!!

Social networks have undoubtedly become the most powerful media in today’s world. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and many more rule our lives in multiple ways nowadays. Right from school going kids to even the old, you will find practically everyone on Facebook today. Now that shows us pretty well that our lives revolve around social media. And, with people sharing multiple funny, educational and interesting posts on social networks, undoubtedly social media has now become more of a sensational thing. Practically everything on the globe that is weird or unnatural goes viral on the social media within minutes.

Both you and I have shared multiple posts on Facebook or tweeted about the hottest topics around the world. But are we aware what exactly should be share on social media and what NOT? As I stated earlier, everything goes viral on social media in a matter of seconds and minutes. And, with people sharing some of the most stupid posts and information, the credibility of these media are surely to come into question.

Ok, so I have widely observed people making social networks a medium to express their thoughts. And, why not? There’s nothing wrong with that unless you are hurting the sentiments of anyone or defaming people. The recent case of Jasleen Kaur posting on Facebook about an eve teasing incident that happened with her once again proved the power of social media. While people blindly shared the post, posted comments and gave views on the matter, the other side of the story sparked innumerable controversies. Now, the people who had shared the post blindly without knowing what the matter exactly was, are confused as to who is telling the truth. No, I don’t mean you should not raise your voice on social networks against the wrong things in society. But., before you share soemone’s post, make sure you know the truth completely.

Secondly, people are into the habit of making their problems social on social networks often (which I personally find really irritating). Yes, everyone has problems in their life and we can face them and solve them. Social networks are powerful media so use them for sharing good articles, educative posts or even something that’s funny and hilarious and can make people laugh. We seriously need to avoid making an issue of our problems or emotions on Facebook.

Lastly, today’s generation really needs to understand that posting every small bit of their personal information on social networks can be dangerous. Yes, this might not happen with each one of us, but there have been cases where the personal information posted by people was misused to cause damage to their esteem or the people themselves. So, save yourself and avoid posting every small thing about your life on Facebook and Twitter.

The social media has immense scope of getting you the attention of thousands and lakhs of people. It would be better if we use this to educate people, inform them and do good instead of sharing posts blindly or posting stupid things on them.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

And They Are Called The Elite Class...LOL!!!

Okay, so the literacy rate in India has increased immensely over the years and we now live in a civilized society and a developing country. Of course, we have seen development happen and the face of the society has undoubtedly undergone a change. We are said to be the biggest democracy in the world; elections happen every 5 years and we are administered by a new set of people every time. ‘Administration’ or, I can say, the ‘so-called administration’ as the people whom we refer to as our elite administrators are actually the dumbest people on the earth. Yeah, they may be educated and I am not denying the fact, but the education does not seem to be reflecting from their thoughts or the overtly foolish statements they make!

Ever since the popular Delhi rape case, we have been witnessing a series of foolish statements and comments coming out from people who are supposed to be our administrators. Of course, I am talking about the recent shocker by Mulayam Singh Yadav that has now become the talk of social media and most news channels. The statement that it is impossible for four men to rape a single woman simply makes you wonder on how you are to react on the foolishness of it. And, of course, this is not the first time. There was a statement made by this ‘great’ man last year that rape accused don’t deserve to be hanged as boys sometimes commit mistakes. The level of immorality and foolishness of the statement surely makes one think on whether one must express their anguish or not comment on it at all.

And, of course, we do not have one such man in our society. There are such well educated fools who have made disgusting statements in the past, especially following the popular rape case of December 16 in Delhi. For all those who have watched the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ made by Leslee Udwin, I don’t need to tell you which educated fool I am talking about. The lawyer representing the accused in the case, Mr. A. P. Singh, had made shocking comments in the documentary and also in his interview following the hearing of the case. Asserting that the girl alone was responsible for what happened with her, this ‘highly educated’ man had also commented that banning Valentine Day celebration can help in reducing incidents such as rapes in the country.

And, we say these are our civilized and elite administrators; they administer the State and also guard the Law. LOL! They show how elite and educated they are through their statements, isn’t it?