Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Oh So Filmy!

Films are an integral part of our lives. Whether it is a Bollywood movie or Hollywood, a Marathi movie, Gujarati or any other vernacular one, we all make it a point to watch every good movie that hits the theatre. In fact, the current and modern generations are more inclined to films than any other generation was in the past. Definitely so, movies impact our lives and affect us a lot. Literally, a lot! Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof!

Who doesn’t know the latest news of the kidnap of a young Snapdeal woman employee named Dipti Sarna? Ever since the girl went missing, social media went viral with posts regarding the issue. Snapdeal also began the campaign #HelpFindDipti to ensure their employee was safe and sound. And, after all, the drama for more than 3 days, the girl returned home safe.

So how is the incident related to the impact of movies and media on our lives? Well, the kidnapper in this case, according to the police, is a psychopath who was inspired by the 1993 Shah Rukh Khan movie, Darr. Darr was the story of a psycho lover, played by Shah Rukh Khan, who wouldn’t think of laying down his life for this lady love, played by Juhi Chawla. After over 13 years since the film’s release, who would have thought it could inspire someone and lead to such a horrific crime?

It is fate and the prayers of well-wishers that helped Dipti reach home safe and unharmed. But, what if the kidnappers would have killed her? What if they would have raped her? Who is at fault in this case? Is it the movie or the kidnapper who took a negative inspiration from it?

Well, when asked to comment on the whole incident, Shah Rukh Khan asserted that no movie is made to inspire people negatively. Criminal movies or movies that depict violence and crime are simply made to make people aware about the happenings in the society and help them be more aware and alert. It is sad that people take negative inspirations from films, shows, and TV serials and imitate them in personal life, thus spoiling their own life and disturbing the harmony of the society.

In my personal view, I agree with everything that Shah Rukh Khan has asserted in his statement. Surely, no movie or TV show is ever made to inspire people for crime and violence. We have so many criminal shows aired on the television on different channels these days. Crime Patrol, CID, Savdhan India, Gumrah, Code Red are just a few of them. All of these shows are aired to make people aware of crime and help them be more alert so as to avoid such incidents happening to them. Whether they are based on real life incidents or fiction, all of these shows aim to bring about awareness of crime in the society.

But, in the past few years, the rate of crime in the country has been rising notably. We have also had such examples in the past where the criminals have gained inspiration from TV shows like the ones mentioned above or even from movies and daily soaps. So are these shows and films actually spreading the message of peace and non-violence or promoting wrong ideas among the teenagers and youth of today?

In my view, it depends on the viewer. Taking a negative step and entering the world of crime is purely a matter of choice. We have had these TV shows and movies been aired on the television for years. Not every individual who sees them turns into a criminal. It is one’s personal view and choice whether to enter the world of crime, seek revenge from people or simply forgive and let go.

However, since the criminal shows and films have been inspiring many to resort to the world of crime these days, the question whether these shows should be aired or not still remains under debate.

But, one thing’s for sure! Movies have impacted our lives in more ways than we can list. If you are a regular social media user, you will definitely see those romantic pre-wedding photo shoots of couples, the filmy sangeet function videos and what not! Where does the inspiration come from? Films, of course! This proves the effect of the television and everything aired on it on the minds of people these days. 

Surely, our producers, directors, and distributors need to be extra vigilant about the content going on air these days. A single wrong message can wreck havoc in the society!