Friday, 26 February 2016

7 Things That Happen Only In India

India is unique; the only country that displays enormous unity and diversity more effectively than any other. No wonder, being Indians, we all love our country and wouldn’t think a bit before offering our valued services to it.
But, while it is the most culturally rich places for any tourist to visit in the entire world, there are also many more things that happen only in India apart from people of different religions, languages and castes staying together. Read on!

1. People fight to be called ‘backward’
Yes, India is perhaps the only country where people want to be called ‘backward’ and ‘downtrodden. Because everyone wants a reservation!

2. Almost every other issue is made political
Politics, it seems, is in the blood of Indians. Whether a student commits suicide or a girl is raped, every other issue here, in turn, acquires a political shape.
Not to mention, the opposition always wants some or the other minister to resign!

3. Distance is measured in time
This, I can say, is the most exclusive things that happen only and only in India. Where our schools always taught us that distance is measured in kilometres, ask any Indian how far is your destination and they will tell you the time you will require getting there.

4. People do jugaad in almost everything
Indians, truly, are the biggest jugaadus in the world. Whether it is a simple door lock that has come up or a pipe that’s leaking, you will see people doing jugaad instead of calling professionals to get it repaired.

5. Robbers steal everything, right from chappals
While in India, even removing your chappals (sandals) at the temple door is risky. Because, robbers here are content with everything, even with your sandals!

6. Chillies are used as weapons
How many times did mom say, “Beta, bag me chilly powder rakho. Musibat me kaam aa jayegi.” Girls, especially, will surely agree with me on this. Because, in India, chilly powder is also used as a weapon apart from spice!

7. People are arrested for posting and liking on social media
Oh, yes! By now, we are all aware of this. It has been more than once that youth have got arrested for expressing themselves on social media through status messages or memes. Even people liking and commenting on it are not spared.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Fight To Be Called ‘Backward’!

There are so many things that can happen only in India and the fight for being called ‘backward’ is one of them! There would be no other country in the world where people fight to be called ‘backward’. Thanks to a few castes in India, that have risen all of a sudden, out of nowhere, to claim reservations in the sector of education and government jobs.

In August last year, we saw Gujarat burning over the issue of reservation. The Patidar samaj in Gujarat had been fighting to given reservations in government jobs and the education sector. The entire movement was lead by Hardik Patel, a 21-year-old Patidar. The movement that shook the whole of Gujarat and the nation as well had many adverse effects on the common man’s life. Situations became worse when curfews were enforced at many places and schools, colleges and shops remained closed in order to avoid further destruction.

After the Patidar fight came to a standstill, history seems to have repeated itself. Now, it’s the Jats claiming reservation for their cast under the Other Backward Classes (OBC) or Special Backward Classes (SBC) category. The movement, yet again, seems to be getting serious and violent just like the Gujarat movement. Where on one side the country is fuming over the Jawaharlal Nehru University or JNU case, the Jat movement is helping attack India from the other side.

Our Prime Minister, Mr. Modiji, recently inaugurated the ‘Make In India’ campaign and a ‘Make In India’ week was celebrated in Maharashtra to encourage the growth and development of the country with more industries and Foreign Direct Investment pouring in. However, as they say, not everyone can see good happening, even when it is happening with their own Motherland. So, here are the great JNU students, who live and study in India, earn and support their families in this country, yet want the country to be destroyed. It is a shame that the students had organized a function to remember terrorist Afzal Guru who was hanged in 2012 for his role in the Parliament attack.

And, as if that was not enough, the Jats have now risen from nowhere to claim they are a part of the OBC category and deserve reservation. Like I said at the beginning of this post, some things happen only in India!

While the world if struggling to develop and become more forward and superior over others, some Indians are busy claiming that they are ’backward’ and fighting to be called so. While some Indians on the borders are fighting to protect us from our enemies, there are these Indians who are attacking our forces even from the within. While some Indians, irrespective of their castes and religions, are working together in ISRO and DRDO to take India to greater heights and make it a superior and self-sufficient nuclear power, there are some Indians who make use of the same nuclear power to destroy the country, burn it and kill innocents.

It is such shame that people, even in the 21st century, still believe in institutions such as caste and religion and demand reservations. And, by the way, both the Patidars and Jats, who have come up with the issue of reservation lately, are highly respected and influential castes in their respective states. Of course, they hold significant positions in politics and, unnecessary to say, have quite a good amount of income! At least, enough to support their families, feed them and educate them! Then, why the reservation fuss?

In my personal opinion, the reservation system should be completely eradicated from India and admissions in colleges and government jobs must be based purely on merit. If not, the reservation system must be changed and modified altogether, only to give reservations to people who are financially backward and cannot afford education. Caste should not be a barrier to this and no caste should be given reservation at all. Because most of the people and castes that fall under the reserved categories, do not need any reservation at all in the first place!

Friday, 19 February 2016

‘Make In India’- Everything That’s Good And Bad About It!

After having been remained in news for long, I think no Indian now needs an introduction to the epic ‘Make In India’ campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yet, for people who still don’t know what exactly is the movement about, it is an initiative by the Indian Government to erect more industries across India, encourage Foreign Direct Investment into it, create multiple job opportunities and, in turn, increase the GDP of the country.

Of course, it’s mere description sounds quite luring and impressing. In fact, this is a one-of-a-kind initiative ever taken by the Indian government to speed up growth and prosperity in the country.
But, the initiative has an equal number of advantages and disadvantages. I won’t complicate it too much and hence try to explain the entire thing as simply as I can.

The ‘Good’

1. First and foremost, the initiative will help in increasing India’s GDP.

2. Secondly, and importantly, it will help create employment. Like, a lot of employment!

3. It will fuel exports from the country and thus help increase foreign exchange reserves with India.
4. The more the industries and companies coming up, the more it will attract investors to invest in Indian businesses.

5. With foreign investment, a huge amount of expertise and foreign technical knowledge will pour into the country. This knowledge, in turn, can be used and applied in other businesses to expedite growth and professionalism.

6. Last but not the least, it will enhance the standard of living of people. Since the initiative will play a phenomenal role in creating employment all over the country, people will be capable of earning more, thus fuelling an improved overall standard of living.

The ‘Bad’

If all the above points have made you fall in love with the initiative already, wait a second! Every coin has two sides and this one has a ‘bad’ side to it too.

1. The first and the greatest danger that the ‘Make In India’ initiative is going to cause in India is discourage the existing small businesses. When huge companies and Foreign Direct Investment will be welcomed in India, the small businesses and local stores here will have some strong and tough competitors to deal with. This can discourage them and even lead to their shutdown.

2. Intense industrialization in itself is a big threat to the country. With industries, comes pollution and a large number of other environmental threats! We have China as the living example for this! Many cities in India are already facing dangerous levels of pollution. In fact, the government is now trying to find solutions to curb the levels of pollution across the countries. For instance, we all know the ‘Odd-Even rule’ introduced by Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi.

3. It can lead to serious overcrowding in the cities. As mentioned above, the initiative is supposed to create countless new employment opportunities for people. And, in order to seek these jobs, people will obviously migrate from rural areas to cities. This, in turn, can lead to overcrowding, lack of basic facilities, unhealthy living conditions and sub-standard living.

4. More industries equal more threats of accidents. We already know what loss the Bhopal Gas Tragedy has done to us!

All in all, the ‘Make In India’ initiative can do good as well as bad to the country. The government needs to plan as to how many new industries would be constructed under the initiative and also decide upon the favourable locations for them.

Also, according to me, the first and foremost focus on ‘Make In India’, ideally, should be agriculture. In the race to become more technically advanced and self-dependent than any other country in the world, we are neglecting farmers and agriculture in our own country. For real self-dependence, we need to cultivate food in our own country first rather than technical and industrial stuff. Else, one day, we will have everything in our country, except food to eat. And we would have to import that from the world!

We hope such a day never comes to our homeland!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Oh So Filmy!

Films are an integral part of our lives. Whether it is a Bollywood movie or Hollywood, a Marathi movie, Gujarati or any other vernacular one, we all make it a point to watch every good movie that hits the theatre. In fact, the current and modern generations are more inclined to films than any other generation was in the past. Definitely so, movies impact our lives and affect us a lot. Literally, a lot! Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof!

Who doesn’t know the latest news of the kidnap of a young Snapdeal woman employee named Dipti Sarna? Ever since the girl went missing, social media went viral with posts regarding the issue. Snapdeal also began the campaign #HelpFindDipti to ensure their employee was safe and sound. And, after all, the drama for more than 3 days, the girl returned home safe.

So how is the incident related to the impact of movies and media on our lives? Well, the kidnapper in this case, according to the police, is a psychopath who was inspired by the 1993 Shah Rukh Khan movie, Darr. Darr was the story of a psycho lover, played by Shah Rukh Khan, who wouldn’t think of laying down his life for this lady love, played by Juhi Chawla. After over 13 years since the film’s release, who would have thought it could inspire someone and lead to such a horrific crime?

It is fate and the prayers of well-wishers that helped Dipti reach home safe and unharmed. But, what if the kidnappers would have killed her? What if they would have raped her? Who is at fault in this case? Is it the movie or the kidnapper who took a negative inspiration from it?

Well, when asked to comment on the whole incident, Shah Rukh Khan asserted that no movie is made to inspire people negatively. Criminal movies or movies that depict violence and crime are simply made to make people aware about the happenings in the society and help them be more aware and alert. It is sad that people take negative inspirations from films, shows, and TV serials and imitate them in personal life, thus spoiling their own life and disturbing the harmony of the society.

In my personal view, I agree with everything that Shah Rukh Khan has asserted in his statement. Surely, no movie or TV show is ever made to inspire people for crime and violence. We have so many criminal shows aired on the television on different channels these days. Crime Patrol, CID, Savdhan India, Gumrah, Code Red are just a few of them. All of these shows are aired to make people aware of crime and help them be more alert so as to avoid such incidents happening to them. Whether they are based on real life incidents or fiction, all of these shows aim to bring about awareness of crime in the society.

But, in the past few years, the rate of crime in the country has been rising notably. We have also had such examples in the past where the criminals have gained inspiration from TV shows like the ones mentioned above or even from movies and daily soaps. So are these shows and films actually spreading the message of peace and non-violence or promoting wrong ideas among the teenagers and youth of today?

In my view, it depends on the viewer. Taking a negative step and entering the world of crime is purely a matter of choice. We have had these TV shows and movies been aired on the television for years. Not every individual who sees them turns into a criminal. It is one’s personal view and choice whether to enter the world of crime, seek revenge from people or simply forgive and let go.

However, since the criminal shows and films have been inspiring many to resort to the world of crime these days, the question whether these shows should be aired or not still remains under debate.

But, one thing’s for sure! Movies have impacted our lives in more ways than we can list. If you are a regular social media user, you will definitely see those romantic pre-wedding photo shoots of couples, the filmy sangeet function videos and what not! Where does the inspiration come from? Films, of course! This proves the effect of the television and everything aired on it on the minds of people these days. 

Surely, our producers, directors, and distributors need to be extra vigilant about the content going on air these days. A single wrong message can wreck havoc in the society!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Siachen Braveheart No More, The Nation Mourns!

And India has lost one more braveheart to fate, a soldier who taught us to fight for life and never give up, no matter how hard the situation is!

After being trapped under 25 feet of snow for 6 days after a deadly avalanche struck the army post, Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad, a courageous and passionate soldier was discovered alive with a faint pulse by the rescue team. An incident that made international headlines, the rescue came to be known as the Siachen Miracle, for it was impossible for any human to have survived in a temperature below minus forty degree Celsius for as many as six days.

Soon after the braveheart was found alive, the news went viral on social media and all television news channels. Even videos of the rescue were circulated and the entire nation held its breath, wishing the braveheart’s safety and speedy recovery. A ray of hope that he had given the entire world, now, however, darkens with his sad demise. The braveheart breathed his last at 11.45 am today at the Army Hospital following multiple organ failure, according to NDTV.

Hanumanthappa, as quoted by friends, family and colleagues, was a born fighter and a soft-spoken human being. Although he couldn’t return to his services, the soldier within him is immortal and will always remain in the hearts and memory of people. With his courage, he made the entire nation proud and none of us will ever forget him!

Once again, a big salute to Hanumanthappa and all the brave martyrs who lost their precious lives guarding the nation! In fact, we salute each and every brave official who has ever worked or is currently working in the Indian armed forces, be it the Army, Navy, Air Force or even the Police Force. We can never feel the pain they go through and the sacrifices they make out of their sheer love and pride for the nation. These are the people who are a reason behind our safe and stable lives because they put their own lives in danger to ensure a sound life for every citizen of the country.

It is very unfortunate to lose such a brave soldier to fate. But, India is proud to have had these brave officials serve them and they will always be remembered for their courageous deeds!

RIP Lance Naik Koppad!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Siachen Miracle: What The Lone Surviving Soldier Has Taught Us!

Ever since a deadly avalanche hit the army post in Siachen, India has been holding its breath and praying for the safety of the 10 soldiers who were reported to be missing. Following the unfortunate incident, rescue operations began immediately only to be obstructed by tough and unfavourable conditions.

Siachen, the world’s highest and coldest battle field, offers the most challenging survival conditions for humans. Reports suggest that more soldiers have died here due to adverse climatic conditions than in battles. A battle field that gets colder up to minus forty degrees Celsius is surely not a place we can imagine living in! So, first of all, here’s a big salute to that every single soldier of our country, who has ever lived or is living here to protect us from enemy nations.

After about a week of rescue operations at Siachen, one soldier, Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad was found alive by the rescue team. Buried under about 25 feet of snow for over six days, the soldier was reported to be alive while all nine of his colleagues were reported dead. This, in itself, is a big achievement for the soldier, for the rescue team and for the nation on the whole.

However, the lone surviving braveheart has been reported to be in coma right now. A personification of courage, passion, fighting spirit and endless love for one’s nation, he is a hero who has made us proud in numerous ways today! Of course, the nation cannot repay these bravehearts for all the sacrifices they have made until today, merely out for love for their nation. Let’s all join hands and pray to God for his safety and speedy recovery. Also, let’s pay homage to all those brave souls who lost their lives while guarding our nation selflessly.

This one and only survivor of the terrible natural calamity has taught us more than courage and valour. It has taught us to love selflessly while the entire nation is celebrating the week of love, i.e., the Valentine’s week. He has taught us to stick by our principles and fight endlessly and fearlessly to achieve what we love. He taught us to be selfless, courageous and take pride in standing up for the nation. He has taught us to fight all the obstacles that come in our way to success. Truly, he is a person who deserves respect from the entire world!

Also, hats off to all those brave and passionate sons of India who join the Indian armed forces, not bothering about their own life.

Until we get any further update on the condition of Hanamanthappa, let us all just keep our fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

10 Things A Job In The Corporate Sector Taught Me

Remember the times when we were kids and dreamt of growing up to be successful engineers, lawyers and professionals one day? Remember how much we hated going to school and studying and wished we would grow faster to live a settled life like our parents? All of us, at some point of time, have yearned for a lucrative corporate job that would facilitate a good, satisfied life. But, well, now I know, a lucrative job and satisfaction don’t really go hand in hand!

There are so many things the corporate world teaches us. Here is a list of the 10 things that I learnt working in this sector.

1. In the race to earn more, personal life becomes a dream
Everyone working in the corporate sector will agree with me on this. We all want to earn more today so that we can give our family a better life. But, the question is, do we have any life at all? We work day and night, rack our brains and sometimes even skip meals to finish tasks. But that’s what a machine is supposed to do, isn’t it? Where’s the personal life?

2. You can be deep in shit and yet have to remain calm
The corporate life puts you in shit, actually deep in shit. You might feel tired, upset, frustrated or even want to kill someone. But no, you cannot do that. All you can do is put on a smile, get out of that conference room and stick your eyes back to the computer once again!

3. There’s a difference between friends and colleagues
Yes, this is probably the most important lessons that the corporate world taught me. When we were at college, every classmate was introduced as a ‘friend’. But in the corporate world, there are hardly any ‘friends’. They are ‘colleagues’. Yes, there’s a difference!

4. No matter how much you hate someone, you still have to deal with them (There’s no choice!)
How many times have you wanted to kill your boss or just give it to him on his face? How many times have you hated that dumbass colleague in your team who does nothing yet is boss’s favourite? No matter how much you hate them, there’s simply no choice! You have to deal with them, and yeah, deal with them with a smile on the face. Now that’s what we call shit!

5. You have to ask for the things you want
Gone are the days when you would go home and mom would keep a cup of tea ready for you on the table. You are out of that safe haven now, in a world that doesn’t care who you are or what you want. So, if you want something, simply ask for it. Remember that salary appraisal meeting?

6. Sometimes you have to apologize for mistakes you never made
Not all the time, though, but if you have got that really cunning boss, you would surely agree with me on this. Yes, you never made any mistake but you have to apologize because your boss thinks you were wrong. And the boss is always right, remember?

7. No one’s going to entertain you. You have to make the first move.
Remember how nervous you were on the first day of the job? I remember faking smiles and talking to people unnecessarily because, in the long run, I didn’t want to be left alone!

8. Planning is the most important thing in life
This is probably the best lesson that a corporate job will teach you! Planning is the most important step of any project at work and also in life. Just make a systematic plan of things and half the work is already done.

9. You cannot do what your heart says
How many times have you wanted to put down your resignation after a tiff with the boss or a colleague? How many times have you wanted to simply ditch that monotonous job and go out on a world tour? Yes, we all feel that especially on Mondays but you cannot simply do what your heart says. In fact, in the corporate life, you are only expected to use brains, not the heart!

10. Emotions have no place in the corporate world
Emotions are for the weak in the corporate world. When at work, you are not expected to get too much emotionally attached to people because some day they are all going to part ways and head to different roads. And, you cannot simply let emotions take over or cry your heart out every time your boss insults you! That’s how the corporate world makes you strong!

But, in the end, this is a job that helps us fill our stomach every day and wear those fancy clothes from branded labels, isn’t it? So, like it or not, accept it, move on and love the work you do!

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