Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Movies becoming a cheap game? What are today's movies up to?

I don't know how people would take this comment of mine. Or whether they would even read this post! Movies are the love and passion of many today and I perfectly understand and respect the choices of every one. I would never say watching movies is a wrong thing but have a look at the movies today. Actually can we even call them a movie? Sorry to say this, because I know how much time, efforts and energy is invested into making a movie, barring its huge expenses. But after such a big investment of time and effort of a big and talented team, is this the outcome expected? I do not mean to criticize each and every movie that has been released lately; I agree some of them are really good and worth watching but what about the others? Are they worth all the pain and effort?

One of the most common things that can be observed in all the movies is obscenity. I mean I don't understand who has told our directors that a movie cannot go hit without infusing intimate and truly vulgar scenes in them. Forget movies guys, the songs itself boast obscenity even in their lyrics. And apart from obscenity, there is absolutely unpleasant language, violence and what not in the movies of today? What impression is this making on people, children and teenagers?

Most parents today are working and are thus not at home the whole day. And what do the children of such parents do at home the whole day? Obviously, watch TV! In fact, that is the best timepass people choose to do whenever they are along. And when they see such vulgarity on TV, imitation is inevitable. For parents trying to figure out the reason of their children's smartness, it is movies that makes them too smart and perhaps too old for their age. Perhaps, due to this, children have been behaving like young adults and teenagers, losing their innocence at an early age in school.

And then the artists who act in such movies become superstars; they are regarded as God, they are admired and followed! What should we make out from this? When a call girl sleeps with two people, she is cursed and called characterless. What about our actresses who shoot intimate scenes with multiple actors and strip openly in front of the camera that the whole world watches? Who is characterless in the true sense guys? A girl who is forced into prostitution to fill her stomach and support her family, or those who simply expose in front of the world to earn crores? I am not against Bollywood, I am not against any film industry. I am against indecency, obscenity and violence that is depicted in movies these days for God knows what reason! In fact, there have been classic films that do not have a single intimate scene but are superhits. Try to be decent and moral people, how can we depict something that is against our culture and which corrupts the innocent minds of children? Worth thinking!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Art can be a matter of fight..sounds strange, doesn't it ?????

Art is a broad subject that encompasses a number of streams and strata. From childhood, I have been taught that art is something that we should admire, complement and worship. Even today, I see artists worshiping their gurus and seeking their blessings. For me, so far, art was a subject of purity that made one feel refreshed and accomplished. But today, media released the news that a political party in Mumbai (I do not have to name the party) caused havoc in a press conference that had an Indo-Pak band present. The party workers barged into the dressing room at the venue and caused a lot of destruction of property, perhaps also injuring the present artists. And the issue basically was that artists from Pakistan were supposed to perform which was not digestible to the party. I do not understand how it makes sense in causing havoc in a well organised function where performers do not even know or have to do anything in connection with politics.

The enmity between India and Pakistan need not be explained! This has been continuing since ages and I in no way intend to take the side of Pakistan since we all know well that it has been the cause of the dreadful terror attacks in India a number of times. But, thinking rationally (I can think rationally since I am not into politics..dirty politics, actually), does it make sense to disrupt an organised and pre-planned press conference just because our neighboring nation hasn't been on good terms with us since long? Even though artists from the country were present for the conference and media briefing, where does it make sense to injure them or cause havoc in their dressing room just because they belong to our enemy country? Yes, I do know people are agitated due to the numerous terror attacks Pak has been causing in our country, and the agitation is perfectly justified, but then the question arises, where these artists involved in the attacks?

Just because someone does wrong to us, doesn't mean we do the same wrong to someone else who had nothing in connection to what happened with us. Just because we were subjected to an unpleasant experience, doesn't mean we make others go through the same pain and agony. Art is a matter of talent guys, these guys were in no way related to any unpleasant events that occured in India due to their mother country. And then they say that they live in democracy which gives them a right to protest. Agreed! Democracy gives you a right to protest, no to hurt someone, break public and private property and injure innocent people. For those whose fundamentals of democracy are not clear, they need to learn the meaning of democracy first and then act!

My intention of writing this blog is not to support or criticize anyone for their deeds. In fact, I am least interested in politics and the illogical strategies of politicians and parties. My intention of writing this was just that I am a common man who commutes to work every day, takes salary and leads a simple life. Any such violent act disrupts the life of common man in a number of ways; many a times politicians directly or indirectly cause disruption and destruction of public property that does not affect them in any way but causes great hardships to common people. And after all, the property that has been damaged is repaired with our money itself that is collected in the form of taxes. So why take violent steps when problems can be solved by mere peaceful discussions? Think over it!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Coming to terms with the reality of LIFE !!!!

Hi friends and all my loyal readers!

I have been blogging after quite a long time now since I was too busy achieving targets at work that my passion and interest for blogging had to be sidetracked. I really felt bad to be away from writing but I did not have the patience to be blogging after a tiring day. (And I was too saturated to think and also too tired to type after writing blogs the whole day for my company). But here I am, with the beginning of the month and weekend coming together, what could be better than starting blogging again on this day?

Today when I live the pleasure of  pursuing my passion and writing for my friends, readers and myself again, I realize that we compromise on so many things just to be able to give our best at job and earn money. We many a times give up our passion or compromise with our likes and hobbies just so that we can earn and save the money for future. Yes, we have become more or less like puppets; we do things that we are, many a times, not really interested in, and give up the ones that really make us happy. But guys, there are many simple things around us, that many of us fail to notice, but yes, they exist and they have the potential to add a smile on our face!

As I have given up travelling by bus in the evening, I commute by train now and every time catch the train from Central Railway's Thane station, I prefer standing at the door since I love the cool breezes that flow in the evening. Yes guys, there are so many things we can do to feel relieved and away from stress and this is what I prefer doing. The cool climate and soft songs in full volume is perhaps the best thing that I experience after a long and boring day! And as I stand on the door, passing through a number of slums (something that Mumbai is well known for), I realize how lucky I am to be working and independent! I now know there are so many people in Mumbai alone who perhaps do not get a good two-times meal. There are so many children who are forced to beg the whole day and so many old men who are forced to work to earn a living just because their children are least bothered for them! It is a pleasure, I feel, to be able to observe all this and live this life that is not a dream but a sour reality. It, after all, depends on our lookout towards life over how turns out. You feel life's great, then it indeed is! You feel its pathetic, then it really becomes so!

I haven't written this to be advising anyone or requesting anyone to look around and observe and then feel happy about self. I have written this blog after so long because it fills me with immense joy and happiness to be back to my passion and hobby. And I simply thought I would share with you all what I was up to these many days!

Have a great weekend guys!