Friday, 26 February 2016

7 Things That Happen Only In India

India is unique; the only country that displays enormous unity and diversity more effectively than any other. No wonder, being Indians, we all love our country and wouldn’t think a bit before offering our valued services to it.
But, while it is the most culturally rich places for any tourist to visit in the entire world, there are also many more things that happen only in India apart from people of different religions, languages and castes staying together. Read on!

1. People fight to be called ‘backward’
Yes, India is perhaps the only country where people want to be called ‘backward’ and ‘downtrodden. Because everyone wants a reservation!

2. Almost every other issue is made political
Politics, it seems, is in the blood of Indians. Whether a student commits suicide or a girl is raped, every other issue here, in turn, acquires a political shape.
Not to mention, the opposition always wants some or the other minister to resign!

3. Distance is measured in time
This, I can say, is the most exclusive things that happen only and only in India. Where our schools always taught us that distance is measured in kilometres, ask any Indian how far is your destination and they will tell you the time you will require getting there.

4. People do jugaad in almost everything
Indians, truly, are the biggest jugaadus in the world. Whether it is a simple door lock that has come up or a pipe that’s leaking, you will see people doing jugaad instead of calling professionals to get it repaired.

5. Robbers steal everything, right from chappals
While in India, even removing your chappals (sandals) at the temple door is risky. Because, robbers here are content with everything, even with your sandals!

6. Chillies are used as weapons
How many times did mom say, “Beta, bag me chilly powder rakho. Musibat me kaam aa jayegi.” Girls, especially, will surely agree with me on this. Because, in India, chilly powder is also used as a weapon apart from spice!

7. People are arrested for posting and liking on social media
Oh, yes! By now, we are all aware of this. It has been more than once that youth have got arrested for expressing themselves on social media through status messages or memes. Even people liking and commenting on it are not spared.