Wednesday, 18 December 2013

They help us live a safe life..but what kind of life they live???

I am writing this article today based on an exclusive news story reported by a Marathi language news channel "Jai Maharashtra". One of my friends had recommended me to watch this exclusive feature film and, being a citizen, I deem this issue a crucial one. Last week, Jai Maharashtra reported about the pathetic living conditions of Nagpur Police. I happened to see the detailed coverage of the story on YouTube and was shocked to see the condition in which our Police live. Police are our guards; every day, they work, patrol and maintain law and order in the city so that we sleep fearlessly in our homes. Every time I travel in train late at night, there is at least one police in the ladies compartment. Guys, they work in shifts, sometimes also doing over times, so that we citizens enjoy a secure life. We have holidays on Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year and other festivals! These fellows have to work extra on these days, to maintain law and order, forget about getting a holiday! Is this not enough? Police are subjected to extreme poor living conditions in Nagpur (as reported by the news channel).

As I watched the video (news coverage) of the exclusive feature, the first thing that came to my notice was that police live in tents at Nagpur. And that too about ten police in a single tent! Guys, despite having 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats today, we cannot imagine sharing our home with ten people. How would they be sleeping in such a small tent? I really cannot imagine! The second thing that instantly caught my attention was the kind of food served. The 'Dal', what we commonly eat with rice, served to them, looked as good as water! And if an on-duty police arrives late for dinner, the food gets finished! So, are they supposed to sleep hungry after having a long and tiring day!

What is surprising is that the Police Department is an important organ of the government machinery and despite this, they are treated in such a pathetic way! Ask the government how much money is spent on politicians every year! Whenever a politician wishes to travel from one state to another, helicopters and choppers are hired, huge sums are spent on maintaining tight security and accommodation in 5 star hotels. And the government does not have money to provide at least worth living conditions to our poor police! I do not know how true it is, but yes, as reported by the channel, some of the top officials also collect a fixed sum from the new police staff and no one knows where the money goes! Guys, these people work hard whole day to earn a decent living, they put their life in danger on so many occasions so that people's life is not endangered! Why are they supposed to pay the sum every month without knowing what the money is utilized for? This is grave injustice- they already get very little stipend and almost half of it is lost this way!

A humble request from my side- There are several politicians who would show dreams of development in future and ask for votes. This is what development India is growing through today! The next time you vote, think twice before you choose your leader!