Thursday, 12 December 2013

“Preachers of God”, inhuman acts !!!!!

Indians believe in so many things! We believe in superstitions, we believe in magic, we believe in lucky charm, we believe in God, and what not? Many Indians also largely believe in spiritual preachers and their preaching. Yes, this is the reason we have many such preachers in India- Asaram Bapu is one of the most well-known among them. Personally I do not suggest that finding God in a person is something evil; in fact, God can only be found in people who help us in times of need, offer love, support and care. But, the extent to which we should believe in this needs to be determined.

What we perceive and what it actually is!

Spiritual leaders in India have been, on several occasions, criticized for being false to people, for being violent and committing gruesome crimes. Yes, rape is a gruesome crime and our so called “Gods” have been accused of it. There are several cases against one of the most famous spiritual preachers in India- Asaram Bapu and his 41 year old son, Narayan Sai. Both of them have been charged with rape by many victims, while Asaram has allegedly been involved in murder too. People perceive these personalities as messengers of God and this is what they are in reality! They preach us to be truthful and clean in character and this is what their reputation seems like!

Both, the father and the son are in custody currently and police also revealed that the son has confessed to raping a woman and having physical relationship with many of his female followers. If such individuals, whom people pitch as their ideals, begin committing crimes like this, what shall we expect from the common man? And these so-called “God” men, also, with their wide contacts and financial strength, walk away through such cases, emerge innocent and clean and continue with their criminal activities.

Asaram Bapu's comments over the Delhi rape case!

And let me recollect what Asaram Bapu had commented over the Delhi rape case! The so-called God believed that the girl victim was at fault, she should have begged in front of the accused men and called them brothers! The disgusting remark had evoked the sentiments of youth who criticised him in a number of ways. I do not understand how such men, who are given the highest stature of being close to God, can believe in such evil and actually commit one. This is our country guys! We do not know the actual face of many; the many whom we consider ideals and our representatives (if you know what I mean)! Think before you trust someone; think before you follow someone and think before you give power to someone!