Monday, 7 September 2015

IRONY At Its Best...!

A woman sets herself ablaze because she couldn’t feed her children and, on the other hand, a woman sets her daughter ablaze because she didn’t want to feed her!

The Farmer Suicide Case:

The value of every penny is different for different people; for some, a hundred rupee note can be casually spent at a restaurant every day while for some it is a monthly earning! Life isn’t fair with all and this incident quite literally proves it. A woman famer in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra, which is currently an adversely affected drought-hit area, set herself ablaze on Saturday because she was unable to feed her five children. The farmer was striving really hard to get something to eat for her kids but drought couldn’t be crueler. The family of seven was so poor that they did not have any grains, oil or flour in the house. The Marathwada region of Maharashtra has become a victim of the adverse drought for the third year in line and farmers are finding it impossible to shoulder the burden of their families.
Maharashtra has been witnessing the suicides of farmers in huge numbers for a quite long time now with their toll being between 1306 from May 2015 to May 2016. The drought in the state and especially in certain parts and villages has been so severe that already more than 600 farmers have taken away their own lives failing to nurture their children and feed them.

The High Profile Indrani Mukherjea Case:

While Maharashtra is witnessing the grave issue of farmer suicides who are unable to feed their families and children, here is the most talked about case in the media – The Indrani Mukherjea case! Personifying irony, this is the case of a woman who killed her daughter and set her ablaze because of a motive that’s unknown but thought to be a financial dispute. The rich in our country are so rich that they can easily have their future generations sit and do absolutely nothing to earn a living while leading a lavish lifestyle. And, on the other hand, the poor have absolutely nothing to eat; they cannot even afford grains or flour and are having to kill themselves to escape the situation. If even 10 percent of their annual income is donated by the super rich to these farmers, they will be able to buy high tech resources and technology that can aid them in farming and bringing out better crops with better market value.

But people like Indrani Mukherjea, a former media tycoon, don’t even wish to share their finances with their own children, forget about making donations to people. And, who knows, how much of the money belonging to politicians and media barons is actually their ‘hard-earned’ white money?
The two cases that have now made considerable headlines in the media are true ironies and perfectly contradict each other.

In terms of helping the drought-hit farmers and poor families, many people have actually come forward and made trusts for making donations. Also, the recent ‘dahi handi’ festival celebrated in Maharashtra also witnessed some organizers and prize winners promising to donate their prize money to these people who are actually in need of it. Just a hope, may these donations really happen and prevent any further suicides of farmers!