Monday, 21 March 2016

The Perks Of Being Born In An Influential Family!

India is a country that has come a long way ever since independence, a country that has innumerable technicians, doctors, scientists and creative brains that can lead it to progress. Yet, we remain in a country that treats different people differently, where people from influential families have a different set of laws to follow, unlike the common man and the downtrodden ones.

There are countless perks of being born into an influential family in India apart from having the luxury of going to school/college in expensive cars every day and chilling out in the centralized air conditioning in the house when the world burns in the sun outside during summers. Read them out below (sarcasm intended)!

1. You can drive a car even before you turn 18!

This is what a top cop’s son in Kerala has taught us! The teenager had been caught on camera driving his father’s SUV who is an IG in Kerala. And, guess what, the car he was seen driving was actually an official car of his father. Wow, if only we all could get that liberty, to drive expensive cars on roads, even without qualifying the minimum driving age!

2. You can kill someone with your car and get away with it!

We aren’t so alien to this one, are we? We have all seen the acquittal of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan from the hit and run case of 2002. The court, with its judgment, literally meant that the car was not driven by anybody. We wonder how it climbed onto the footpath and killed and injured people then! But, no worries dude! Salman Khan is influential and that’s enough to set him free, nay? And, do you remember Akash Ambani ramming his Aston Martin into another car and killing innocents?

3. You can shoot someone and get away with it!

I guess you know who I am talking about! How can we forget the popular Jessica Lal case that shook the entire nation? Manu Sharma, born in a wealthy and influential family, thought that it was okay to shoot a bartender who had refused to serve him drinks after the bar had closed late at night. Only after the media intervened and took things in hands that Manu Sharma was declared guilty and sentenced.

4. You can thrash people, bribe cops and walk free!

Oh yes, this one is especially for our beloved and well behaved politicians. Come elections and you will see newspapers flooded with news of thrashings and attacks by one political group to other. But, have you ever thought why these attackers never get punished? Why political party leaders do not stay behind bars after they ignite people to protest violently? Because hey, they are INFLUENTIAL!

5. You are above the law!

While we have been taught by our school textbooks that the law is above everyone else and it does not discriminate against people based on any grounds, the reality might be a little different! The wealthy and the influential ones seem to be above the law for they are acquitted of every other crime they commit.

It is high time people take a stand against the wrongdoings of others, no matter how influential and wealthy the person standing in front of them is. Yes, the battle would be difficult, no wonder, but, if these influential ones continue to be acquitted, there will be a time when laws would really be different for people, based on their caste, religion, wealth and social status!