Monday, 14 September 2015

Dear MNS, Your Protest Was The Most Disgusting Demonstration Ever!!!

The #meatban issue has been the most talked about over the last week and has generated mixed responses all over social media. It has particularly remained in the media glare for its politicization and the expression of extreme views and opinions by people. Although this has been one of the most talked about issues, I never wanted to write on this. However, with what I saw in the news and on social media yesterday has put me to shame and compelled me to write this so that I, as a human, can apologize to everyone who was disgusted by the extremely shameless act.

As I browsed Facebook yesterday morning, there were several posts depicting pictures of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) people burning meat in front of the Jain Community Hall. One look at these pictures left me stunned and disgusted to the core. Of course, this was something that had to generate extreme responses from people, especially the youth. After targeting the North Indians for invading Maharashtra and securing jobs in our state, the MNS has now targeted the Jain community over the #meatban issue. And, trust me guys, this is the lowest level one can fall to in order to express protest or demonstrate dislike towards any issue.

Okay, so I am not taking any stand in the meat ban issue. I am convinced from both the sides; on one hand, it is not a good idea to force people for not selling flesh since it affects the income of the meat sellers for these particular days. On the other hand, I was also convinced with a Facebook post of a user who argued that we should look at the meat ban as a two-day freedom for the chickens and spare their life at least for two days. Anyhow, whether anyone sells meat or anyone buys and consumes does not matter to me! My main argument here is the extremely disgusting act performed by the MNS activists in the name of protests, not only hurting the religious sentiments of the Jains but many people in the country and across world.

First and foremost, why are we Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Jains? Can’t we simply be humans? Why not respect the sentiments of people or let them follow the rituals that they want to follow? Dear MNS, I won’t criticize you on not agreeing with the meat ban since everyone has their own opinion about it. But, the question is, how much are we going to fall down in order to show our disagreement for something? Whatever the MNS karyakartas did in front of the Jain Community Hall, was it really ethical? Why drag animals in the fight between two religions? Was cutting and burning chickens in front of a place that is sacred for a particular community a human act? I personally do not think so!

The MNS has always upheld the agony of the ‘Marathi Manus’ ever since its inception. So, instead of finding out ways to take the Marathi Manus ahead in life and make their life better, why are they wasting time in criticizing other communities and demonstrating in pathetic ways like this?

By the way, dear MNS, do you know how many farmers are dying in our own state because their kitchens are empty? Their containers are not filled with grains and cereals like ours due to which they are hanging or burning themselves, leaving behind their families to starve! At least, we do not have this situation at our home and we should actually thank God for it, isn’t it? What difference would it make if we do not consume meat for two days? These people, who grow the cereals and grains for us, are not even getting a two-time meal daily, forget about eating meat! Is this not a grave issue? We all need to collectively find a solution to this problem instead of coming up with useless arguments like these, isn’t it?

And, what if the Jains or any other community for that matter, cooks and burns chicken in front of your Ganesh pandals during the upcoming Ganesh festival? Wouldn’t that make you furious? So why not think before you act? Yes, the Constituion confers upon us the Freedom of Expression, but how we use it is in our hands. Of course, hurting the sentiments of others is never a good idea. Every religion after all, takes us to God and God is not different for the Jains, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. It is just that we have given different names to God! And, by doing this act, you have insulted God on the whole which also includes your own God!

Any comments on this, Mr. Raj Thackeray?