Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Social Media – Now Becoming A House Of False And Stupid Posts…!!

Social networks have undoubtedly become the most powerful media in today’s world. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and many more rule our lives in multiple ways nowadays. Right from school going kids to even the old, you will find practically everyone on Facebook today. Now that shows us pretty well that our lives revolve around social media. And, with people sharing multiple funny, educational and interesting posts on social networks, undoubtedly social media has now become more of a sensational thing. Practically everything on the globe that is weird or unnatural goes viral on the social media within minutes.

Both you and I have shared multiple posts on Facebook or tweeted about the hottest topics around the world. But are we aware what exactly should be share on social media and what NOT? As I stated earlier, everything goes viral on social media in a matter of seconds and minutes. And, with people sharing some of the most stupid posts and information, the credibility of these media are surely to come into question.

Ok, so I have widely observed people making social networks a medium to express their thoughts. And, why not? There’s nothing wrong with that unless you are hurting the sentiments of anyone or defaming people. The recent case of Jasleen Kaur posting on Facebook about an eve teasing incident that happened with her once again proved the power of social media. While people blindly shared the post, posted comments and gave views on the matter, the other side of the story sparked innumerable controversies. Now, the people who had shared the post blindly without knowing what the matter exactly was, are confused as to who is telling the truth. No, I don’t mean you should not raise your voice on social networks against the wrong things in society. But., before you share soemone’s post, make sure you know the truth completely.

Secondly, people are into the habit of making their problems social on social networks often (which I personally find really irritating). Yes, everyone has problems in their life and we can face them and solve them. Social networks are powerful media so use them for sharing good articles, educative posts or even something that’s funny and hilarious and can make people laugh. We seriously need to avoid making an issue of our problems or emotions on Facebook.

Lastly, today’s generation really needs to understand that posting every small bit of their personal information on social networks can be dangerous. Yes, this might not happen with each one of us, but there have been cases where the personal information posted by people was misused to cause damage to their esteem or the people themselves. So, save yourself and avoid posting every small thing about your life on Facebook and Twitter.

The social media has immense scope of getting you the attention of thousands and lakhs of people. It would be better if we use this to educate people, inform them and do good instead of sharing posts blindly or posting stupid things on them.