Monday, 9 November 2015

Wishing You All A Very Happy And Prosperous Diwali!

The beloved and most awaited festival of lights, Diwali, is already here! Every time I peek out of my window, I see colorful lanterns and dazzling lights sparkling on numerous windows, adding colors and happiness to life! Truly, this is a treat to the eyes!

Diwali has always been one of the most widely loved and enormously celebrated festivals across India. In fact, this is a festival that brings all of us together, irrespective of language, caste and religious barriers. It is a festival when people come together and celebrate by presenting gifts to their loved ones and enjoying the awesome Diwali-special sweets and delicacies. Unique in its own way, Diwali is one festival that perfectly reflects the rich culture of our country.

This Diwali, while we celebrate with crackers, sweets and lights, let’s not forget to spread happiness with the world. Let us help as many people as we can to forget their grief and problems and enjoy the festival of lights just like we do. And, of course, let us all pray that this Diwali bring prosperity and happiness in the lives of our farmers and light up their houses. May the auspicious festival also end the rift between Hindus and Muslims and people of different religions and aid everyone to come together as Indians and celebrate the joy.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

And, lastly, be careful with the crackers you use. Be safe, be happy!