Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Welcome 2015 !!!!!

So I begin writing and updating my blog once again as my New Year resolution for 2015! Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 2015! May all your wishes, hopes and dreams come true this year and may the year bring countless moments of joy and happiness, prosperity, success, good health and well being to all!

My blog today is for all the beautiful people in my life, my family, friends, cousins and every person on the earth who came into my life and gave me something to learn! I am not going to thank each and every person who did good to me, helped and supported me...I simply wish a great year ahead and a long life for all these special people. I also wish these amazing gems of my life remain with me forever and help me achieve milestones with their support, love and care.

Today is indeed a good day to start something new or restart things that have been put back to the list of less preference activities due to whatsoever reasons. And blogging is one such thing, my love and my passion, that helps me express my emotions to the world and say things that perhaps I can't say elsewhere! Keeping it simple and short, I simply want to convey to my few but loyal readers that it is a part of my new year resolution to write as frequently as I can and live my love for writing. I would again come up with my views, simple and short articles that comment on what's latest and trending in the world or something that I experienced and would like to share with the world. After all, journalism is all about real-time, and a journalist would surely love writing articles on what's trending and making news!!

Till then, have a great day ahead all of you...celebrate New Year with excitement and fun and with all the special people of your life!