Sunday, 4 January 2015

The reason I totally loved #PK

A movie that has become the talk of the town, that gave birth to a hell lot of controversies and yet is the No.1 highest grossing movie in minimum time! Who wouldn't guess I am talking about PK! Aamir Khan's PK has become one of the hot topics in the tinsel town; while people have been watching it in large numbers, we also have a large number of critics for the movie! I happened to watch the movie a few days back and I simply loved it for many reasons. The reason I am writing a blog on this is that the movie tends to make a strong comment on the traditional and superstitious thinking of many Indians and break the stereotypes in the modern world. So here's why I simply loved the movie PK!

With a lot of movies by great stars and newbies coming up every month, Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani's PK definitely stands out with its strong script and undoubtedly the great acting of Aamir Khan. A story that begins with Aamir coming up on Planet Earth as an alien, takes several twists and turns and depicts the story and struggles of an innocent Aamir on this planet to survive and understand the different cultures, traditions and religions followed by people in India. What makes the movie really interesting and worth a watch is the humour induced while making a comment on the stereotypical Indian society.

The reason I felt like writing this blog and share with the world why I loved the movie is because there have been several debates and controversies regarding the film which I think are not a big deal! Many groups and people across the country have alleged that the movie hurts the religios sentiments of people and is against Hinduism. In reality, however, I believe that the movie simply conveys a message to people regarding the fakeness of the so called saints and holy people and urges them not to believe in them. I don't understand where the sentiments of people are hurt in this!

Another reason I resorted to writing on this topic is that I was talking about this with one of a colleague while he casually said that he is a critic of PK simply because Aamir Khan is a Muslim. Just like this colleague of mine, many people are in opposition of the movie simply because of such stupid reasons. And personally I do no think that such a great movie like this should be judged based on the religion of the actors in it. Guys, PK is a really good film and a must watch..please do not defame or criticize it for such unnecesary reasons.

One thing that I would surely like to tell people that if we continue with our narrow mindedness and differentiate between people on the basis of religion, what are our children going to learn? No child is born in the world with religious affinity; we teach unneccesary things to our children just to spoil their thinking! It is high time we drop this difference and emerge as a stronger and united nation!