Thursday, 26 December 2013

Yet another brutality of the Indian society towards a girl !!!!

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the picture of the mentioned girl
Few days back, I had written on the pathetic living conditions of police, a story reported by the Mumbai-based news channel Jai Maharashtra! Although I do not regularly follow the channel, yet another story reported by it is a shocking incident that reveals the harshness of the Indian society towards women! No, this is not a case of rape nor molestation! It is a story of a girl who was subjected to unwanted responsibilities at a tender age and her fight for justice! start with, what is the legal age for marriage of girls in India? We all know getting a girl married before eighteen years of age is a punishable crime! According to me, even eighteen is a small age for marriage; a girl is not mentally as well as physically prepared to shoulder the responsibility of this relation at this age! Not shying away from revealing my age, I admit being 21 today and still I can't even think of marriage! The news story reported by Jai Maharashtra is about a girl who was married to a man of 40 when she was 3. Yes, that's right! 3!!! And the moment I heard this, I was awestruck and I couldn't help saying "What the hell is this!"

The Indian society has been treating girls brutally since ancient times, many consider them awful, others consider them ominous! Even today, when our Constitution guarantees the Right to Equality to all, it is a matter of fact that a girl has not achieved the status and independence a boy gets in the family and the society! This might not be in the entire country, but yes, its there, still there, in some places and villages, where education hasn't spread light! And so many girls are subjected to such nonsense every year in this country; many of the cases do not get reported because they take place in remote places and the women there are not qualified enough to know their rights and seek redressal! Every year, so many women are tortured for dowry even today, and not to ignore the fact, even educated families believe into this awful tradition! Why?

I haven't got the answer to the question yet "Why are girls unwanted in families?" I mean people want wives to cook for them and look after their home, they want women to give birth to children and the family's heir, they want their mother to love and take care of them! But they don't want daughters! Even today, girls are killed in the name of holy killings or simply because they are girls! Why do parents not want their daughters to live and come into this world? And, in some cases, if the girl child isn't killed, she is married at a tender age, may be in exchange of money or as a repayment of a loan, or also in exchange of a favor made by someone in the past! Why a girl always? If parents feel that a girl is a load on them, why do they even care to give birth to a child? And this is not only a scenario in rural areas, this is happening even in cities! I have personally met a family (I would not like to provide any description of it) where a girl was married at the age of 16!

Even though India states equality as its basic principle, it has not been achieved in reality! However, girls who show the guts to emerge from such situations and fight for justice are really worth respect! Yes, we cannot change the mentality of people, some people believe in such orthodox stuff, but the next time you come across the girl seeking help to get rid of the atrocities done to her, do not shy away from offering your support, for your help might change a life forever!