Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What matters more? The age of the criminal or the crime?

In my last post, I had discussed on the topic of the increasing rape cases in India, their grave nature and how the problem has grown severe despite the Rape Law has been amended to cover a number of smaller crimes. Amending the Law was indeed a good step (let's not think about how many changes it brought or whether rape cases saw a fall). Today, when I hear the word 'rape', the first thing that comes to my mind is the Delhi Rape Case- A case that awakened the entire nation and brought the problems of women into limelight. As the terrific incident is near to complete an year, and even though the main accused were handed death penalty this year, do you think the brave-heart girl really got justice?

Trial for the juvenile accused in the fatal Delhi gang rape

As the world is set to celebrate Christmas and people are engrossed making new year plans, the parents of the girl are still fighting for justice. One of the accused in the case, being a juvenile, was convicted separately in the Juvenile Justice Court, where, according to the Juvenile Law, a maximum of three year jail term was awarded to the accused. My question here is, what is more important- whether the crime committed by an individual or his age? We all know about the horrendous nature of the Delhi rape case, the magnitude of the crime and also that the juvenile was the most destructive among them all. Of what the media reported, the juvenile is known to be the most violent culprit among the all- his beastly treatment left the girl completely destroyed who later succumbed to her injuries in Singapore.

Was the 3 year term enough?

Looking at the nature of the crime committed, was 3 years imprisonment an enough punishment for the accused? Has the brave-heart victim really got justice completely? We cannot imagine the agony the girl went through, the pain she experienced and even the slightest imagination brings goosebumps to us.And when all the men convicted had attempted the same crime, was it fair to leave the boy with such a meagre punishment merely considering  his age? I do not know whether the accused will give up the bad road and get converted ever in his life, however, it is certain that the brave victim would not obtain complete justice unless the accused is awarded punishment with regard to his crime and not age.

The history seems to be repeating..

Also considering the rape case of a young journalist in Mumbai at Sh

akti Mills, one of the accused has been recognized as a juvenile. If the accused is tried in a similar manner as the Delhi Rape Case accused was, don't you think it would leave an impression to the under-age guys out there that they could escape huge crimes easily? I do not mean to say that all juvenile criminals should be hanged to death. The crime committed by the accused should be considered well before any judgment is delivered.

A salute to the spirit of the brave-heart!