Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hello everyone!

This is Pooja Kshirsagar and 'A Talk for Action' is my new blog. I am a BMM Journalism graduate from K.J.Somaiya College, Mumbai.

About the blog:

To start with, since I was a Journalism student, I developed an interest in current affairs and news. Looking at the current happenings in our country, I am of the strong opinion that youth can and should raise voice against all the social wrongdoings that prevail today. I mean we are aware of what is happening in our surroundings but most of the times, we tend to ignore things! The youth definitely has the power to bring about a change in the society. I know this is a dry topic and most of you would dismiss it. I have created this blog as a platform to express my opinions and I would love to get comments, opinions and suggestions from my readers!

In this blog, I intend to write about Current Issues, the mot trending ones in news!

Hope to get a great response from you!