Monday, 3 March 2014

Being mentally unfit…Is it their fault?

Lately, I have been coming across a number of instances of pathetic and immature behavior of people and that too with someone who is mentally unfit. I would, of course, not like to reveal the name but one of my colleagues at work was lately asked to resign since her work was not found satisfactory! And the girl, an innocent girl, was not well. I mean not mentally as fit and sound as we are. I perfectly understand the science behind it..yes, of course, a company looks for its profit so this was justified in a number of ways. But what about the agony that she went through while at work?

Truly guys, it used to disgust me like hell to see people literally make fun of her and her work, people yelling at her unnecessarily and also discussing among themselves. I mean how can someone be so childish to behave in such an immature manner? God hasn’t made everyone perfect; we are lucky to be born so! But if someone isn’t that fit, is it their fault? Don’t they deserve being loved too?

I have literally seen some of my colleagues shouting at this girl and she used to sob, say sorry and what not! And then people also said that she pretends to do not understand things. Why can’t people understand that there can be someone who is not so lucky as we are. Guys, God has been partial; everyone does not get the same store of happiness that others get! Who is to blame in this? Is it the girl’s fault that she isn’t well? Can’t people understand simple things and respect others?

We do not know the future friends, perhaps there can be something of the same sort written in our fortune too! How would you feel if people do this to you? A request for all those who have this gruesome mentality- if tomorrow your children are born so, would you make fun of them? If you cannot be friends with such people, atleast do not disrespect them. Leave them to themselves. Everyone has the capacity to find their way out alone. It just that some take more time!