Saturday, 1 March 2014

Friends are the spice of life….literally!

Every Sunday when I log on to Facebook and scroll down my news feed, I see posts about Monday and the long week that occupies. Yes, sure, a week at office with burden of work is boring! But I am among the very few who might proudly say I love going to office. Do you know why? Coz I have some of the sweetest friends in my life who make my day happy and fun at work. And I am sure not all are blessed with such wonderful friends, especially at work!
I have been lucky in this case since I always had some of the best friends to enjoy with at work even at my previous job. Thank you so much +Archana Patil, +Harshada Kadam, +Jitu Mane and +Neetee Mhatre. Being lucky for the second time, I have with me a very small group of friends (actually I barely talk to people at office since most of them are just too much showoff kind). So, here come in my life my sweetest college friend +Aarti Ranpura and the sugary sweet +Aditi Junnarkar. Yes, these two girls make my day everyday; we have laughed together, cried together and enjoyed some of the best funny moments of our life that add spice to the everyday boring work schedule at office.
And then I realize, it is not money that makes life easy and comfortable! Yes, money is important indeed, but, beyond that there are some unexplained relations and people that make life worth living. Whenever I hear people of ending their life, I truly feel blessed to have these worthy people in my life- my parents, my sis and of, course, not to forget, my wonderful friends! All my days spent with you are truly memorable.

Guys, it is a sincere request, never ditch anyone in life simply for will get you nothing! Be polite,,be friendly and your true friends would never let you down. Thank you you!