Friday, 28 August 2015

Go Home Terrorists...We Can Destroy Our Country Ourselves!

Since the last two days, every time I check the news for latest headlines, I can see stories of the Sheena Bora case and the latest developments in it. In fact, there hasn’t been any news as crucial as the Sheena Bora case in the media since yesterday and every media, right from the print, electronic and the digital has been talking about it. Of course, being a murder case, it is of importance and its investigation and coverage must be given adequate footage. But, the case has largely overshadowed an important news that was barely reported in comparison to this high profile murder conspiracy.

It was yesterday when I logged on to the website of NDTV that I read this news that instantly went to the bottom of the website today as the Sheena Bora case witnessed developments. Another terrorist has been caught by the police in Jammu and Kashmir yesterday after the arrest of Naveed earlier this month. The arrest of Naveed was a big news in the media but the arrest of the second terrorist yesterday failed to create the spark. Of course, because there is a case that is far more sensational than this one which needs to be given abundant footage rather than making people aware and alert about a possible attack or its planning by terrorists coming to India from Pakistan.

The arrest of this second terrorist has made it very clear that some terrorist organization in Pakistan had plotted attacks in India that were to be executed by the caught terrorists. And, we are still unsure how many terrorists actually came to India or whether there are more, other than these two, to execute their plotted attacks.

Anyway, we, the ‘brave’ people of India do not care about terrorists entering our country because we are capable of destroying out motherland on our own. Where our own people in Gujarat killed 8 people, burnt public property and scared the shit out of people by imposing curfews, do we need terrorists to plant bombs, destroy our cities, kill innocent people and break our unity? We are not united in the first place because we want special privileges as compared to the other castes and categories in our own state and country. And, in a country where a mother is killing her own daughter in such as brutal way for a motive that is still unclear, do we need terrorists to kill our loved ones?

Dear media, of course it doesn’t matter whether terrorists enter our country or angels do. Of course, it doesn’t matter if some innocent people are killed in the firing that took place in Jammu or if our police and soldiers were injured. All we bother about is why Mrs. Indrani Mukherjea killed her daughter along with her ex husband. Because that is what we are interested in! Because that is what is sensational! And because that is what generates revenue, isn’t it?