Thursday, 19 June 2014

Where has humanity lost away?

I was at office when I casually opened my Facebook account as I had taken a small break from work to get refreshed. And I was scrolling down the news feed, I came across a video that left me shaken, something that I could really not digest and for hours together the video ran into my mind, making me weaker and leaving me scared. Guys, we live in a city where life is unpredictable! Thousands die here out of accidents, some fall off running trains, some are attacked, some fall prey to calamities and terrorism and some are raped, beaten and a lot more. Yes, the Delhi rape case has proven how worse death can be and how brutal crimes can be in today's world. The case was a historical one; the one that shook the nation and forced people to become conscious about their rights. This was the case that prompted people to protest widely at all levels and the one that forced the government to amend the law and make them stricter than ever! But what has changed despite the national awakening and despite the shaking incident took place?

After the Delhi Rape Case, a few days ahead of the incident, the male friend of the Delhi braveheart, who was accompanying her when the brutal crime took place, had narrated the entire incident on TV. In his long interview, the guy had explained how they were brutally and mercilessly thrown away on the road, without clothes, on the cold December night, bleeding profusely. When the guy had tried to stop the passersby and the vehicles on the road to seek help for himself and his badly injured friend, not a single car waited, nor a single bike stopped! Although every vehicle on the road slowed down to watch the pathetic condition of the duo, no one offered help or showed mercy when asked for it. It sounds really shocking and the interview was indeed a hair-raising experience to hear! What if you could have witnessed the situation live? This is what I experienced in the video that I happened to see last evening!

The video was shared on Facebook by one of my friends. The video is a dramatic recreation of the brutal Delhi scene of December 16 where an actor, disguised as a badly injured guy, is asking for help from passing vehicles. The video shows how much the mentality of people has changed after such a big incident and how many people seek to offer help! The fact is, we Indians, are so busy in our own life and are so afraid to help people who really need it that we often tend to kill our inner voice and simply pass by and move ahead. the video is a must watch for every Indian and I am sure each one of you would be ashamed on how people react to such situations. Although many people would like and comment on your post if you share the video publicly on Facebook, how many of them would actually not behave in a manner that the video depicts?

After watching the video, I recalled an incident of my own life. I was out at my grand mother's place once and had gone to the market to buy some essentials. This is when I was passing through a hospital and an accident had happened. An old man had been knocked off by some vehicle and was bleeding profusely. A huge crowd had gathered, people stood and watched but no one dared touch him or take him to the hospital although the man lay just at the entrance of the hospital. People waited for quite a few minutes and I was shocked to see how rude people can be sometimes. After sometime, a passing auto driver stopped and offered help, he helped the man get up and took him inside the hospital after which the crowd dispersed off. After watching this, there's only one question I can ask, is there humanity anywhere in the world? This can happen to anyone, even to us or our loved ones and how would we feel if people refuse to offer help? No matter how risky it is to help someone, never refuse or ignore to help anyone who is truly in need, tomorrow you might be in the same situation!