Thursday, 20 August 2015

And They Are Called The Elite Class...LOL!!!

Okay, so the literacy rate in India has increased immensely over the years and we now live in a civilized society and a developing country. Of course, we have seen development happen and the face of the society has undoubtedly undergone a change. We are said to be the biggest democracy in the world; elections happen every 5 years and we are administered by a new set of people every time. ‘Administration’ or, I can say, the ‘so-called administration’ as the people whom we refer to as our elite administrators are actually the dumbest people on the earth. Yeah, they may be educated and I am not denying the fact, but the education does not seem to be reflecting from their thoughts or the overtly foolish statements they make!

Ever since the popular Delhi rape case, we have been witnessing a series of foolish statements and comments coming out from people who are supposed to be our administrators. Of course, I am talking about the recent shocker by Mulayam Singh Yadav that has now become the talk of social media and most news channels. The statement that it is impossible for four men to rape a single woman simply makes you wonder on how you are to react on the foolishness of it. And, of course, this is not the first time. There was a statement made by this ‘great’ man last year that rape accused don’t deserve to be hanged as boys sometimes commit mistakes. The level of immorality and foolishness of the statement surely makes one think on whether one must express their anguish or not comment on it at all.

And, of course, we do not have one such man in our society. There are such well educated fools who have made disgusting statements in the past, especially following the popular rape case of December 16 in Delhi. For all those who have watched the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ made by Leslee Udwin, I don’t need to tell you which educated fool I am talking about. The lawyer representing the accused in the case, Mr. A. P. Singh, had made shocking comments in the documentary and also in his interview following the hearing of the case. Asserting that the girl alone was responsible for what happened with her, this ‘highly educated’ man had also commented that banning Valentine Day celebration can help in reducing incidents such as rapes in the country.

And, we say these are our civilized and elite administrators; they administer the State and also guard the Law. LOL! They show how elite and educated they are through their statements, isn’t it?