Tuesday, 6 October 2015

AdviceAdda - When There Seems To Be No Way Out!

We humans live a complicated life. Although the advancement in technology over the years is believed to have made life easier and more comfortable, in reality, the problems of people have multiplied than what our ancestors faced. While medical science has advanced phenomenally, life expectancy has reduced; while there are a growing number of social networks, people do not have true friends to talk and rely upon! ‘Life is not a bed of roses’ thus goes a popular saying and, in today’s world, almost every other individual will agree upon this. So whom do you turn to when there seems no way out from a particular problem? Well, AdviceAdda is the best one-stop solution to all your problems!

Just as every lock has its key, every problem too has a solution! However, sometimes we get so lost in the problem and the emotions arising from it that there seems no way out. If we go for proven statistics and facts, about 16,000 students have been reported to have committed suicides over the last 3 years for varied reasons. In fact, studies have revealed that every 90 minutes, a student tries to commit suicide in India for reasons whatsoever. With the number rising every year, this has surely become a matter of concern.

AdviceAdda – A Reliable Friend

Every time we are tensed, all we want is to speak to a reliable person, no matter whether it is our parents, friends or even a professional expert. However, there are certain problems that cannot be discussed with parents or even explained to friends. So where are you to find support and solution to your problem in such a case? This is where AdviceAdda comes as a savior!

AdviceAdda (adviceadda.com) is the first-ever online helpline for every youngster, teenager and even adult out there who is depressed due to some or the other problems in his or her life. The portal, founded by an eminent journalist, Vivek Satya Mitram, in order to bring about a social change and help the depressed and troubled people, ventures far in terms of professional assistance to every problem faced by human beings. The basic objective of the portal is as simple as providing assistance to people who think there is no way out of their problems by offering solutions through experts. It, in fact, works like a reliable friend who will be there for you when you most need someone to talk to and discuss and share your problems with!

No Matter What Problem, The Solution Is Here!

Every individual in this world is fighting a battle of his own. Everyone faces problems at some or the other point in their life and, like they say, only the one who goes through it understands the pain. But, no matter what’s bothering you, whether it is a health issue or you are in a dilemma, whether it is a failed relationship or lack of success in career, AdviceAdda has the solution for it all! To be more specific and informative, it offers professional assistance and problem solving in the areas of health, relationships, career, mental health, education, money and legal issues, beauty and fashion, parenting, fitness, property, grooming, lifestyle, society, teenage, life skills, automobile, entrepreneurship, gadgets and even sex.

Get All Problems Solved With Experts

Have you ever heard ‘Love Guru’ on the radio and thought that there must be more such ‘gurus’ to solve the problems of people or offer their valuable advice? Then, AdviceAdda is simply the right place to visit! More than just being a one-stop solution to the problems of people, AdviceAdda is basically a group of experts who went a step ahead in serving humanity and helping people deal with their problems, stress, and confusion. Not all problems are the same and not all of them are simple to be solved by friends or colleagues. Some problems simply need to be professionally dealt with as they can be grave in nature than the others. The expert advice offered by the reliable AdviceAdda experts thus comes as a perfect solution for every individual to deal with the growing complexity of life and get out from a typical state of the body or mind.

Timely Advice Prevents Further Complications

Whether an individual is physically unwell or mentally disturbed, timely advice is what all of us need! This is where AdviceAdda will win your heart. When people are disturbed and wish to get expert advice or suggestion, the worst thing they can be subjected to is waiting for a long time before their queries are answered. AdviceAdda, however, is effective, fast and timely. The experts on the website analyze your queries in detail and answer them as soon as possible so as to help people deal with their problems faster and lead a happy and peaceful life.

I had posted a query about mental health on AdviceAdda a few days ago and got advice from a psychiatrist on the same day. This is what makes the website reliable and commendable. Also, one can easily view the profile of the experts and the total experience they have had in their field just to be sure that the entire process of problem solving is professional and no child’s play.

Why Do I think AdviceAdda Is Unique And Commendable?

Having used AdviceAdda to get expert advice for my own issues, I think this portal is unique and absolutely commendable for the following reasons.

Ø  It offers professional guidance, advice and assistance for practically every problem in the world.
Ø  It is particularly ideal for freely discussing personal issues that people otherwise shy away from discussing in public or even with friends and family.
Ø  AdviceAdda will never make your issues public and also protect your identity.
Ø  It offers quick response to queries which makes it an ideal choice for problem-solving. For people who want their queries to be solved immediately, they also have a premium paid plan.
Ø  The experts are reliable, knowledgeable and have several years of professional experience and expertise in their own fields.

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