Monday, 12 October 2015

Another Nirbhaya In Delhi! Where Is Nirbhaya Fund?

Ever since the brutal rape of a medical student in Delhi on the night of 16 December 2013, rapes and their horrific effects have come to light in India. An unforgettable incident that it was, the Nirbhaya case forced the government to take action, make the laws against rape more stringent and also take steps to prevent such incidents in future. A fund named as the Nirbhaya Fund was created by the government that basically intends to provide help to rape victims and protect the dignity and security of women in India. A case that amassed huge media attention initially later got overpowered by other news and nobody exactly knows the situation about the Nirbhaya fund currently. Forget the situation of the fund, there are even people who do not know that such a fund exists for the dignity, security and aid of women in the first place.

Just a day before, Delhi, the capital city of crime apart from being the capital of our country, witnessed another Nirbhaya. This time, however, she is a minor, a mere 4 year old, who was brutally raped and assaulted in the capital city, bringing back the memories of the brutal Delhi gang rape once again. The 4 year old was lured from her home and taken to a secluded place where she was brutally raped and left behind bleeding profusely. The little braveheart then managed to crawl back to her home after which she was taken to the Safdarjung hospital just like the incident of 16 December 2013.

Although the case could not make as many headlines in the media as the one in 2013 had, this is an incident very similar to it. They say history repeats and yeah, it really does! By similar, I do not mean the minor was raped in a bus by five to six men but the damage caused to the little girl reminds every attendant of the brutal crime that took place in the same city two years ago. The doctors at the hospital have termed the injuries on the little girl’s body as horrific and have also reported tremendous damage to the toddler’s intestines. The damage is so high that doctors claim the victim will have to undergo several surgeries for six months to be brought back to normal. Such is the state of our country right now!

In 2015, the Nirbhaya Fund received a more of 1000 crores than the existent 1000 crores allocated to it. In short, in 2015, the Finance Minister put an overall 2000 crores in the Nirbhaya Fund on the pretext of protecting the dignity of women and ensuring their security. But, considering the increasing number of rapes across the country, of course, people have questioned the credibility of the fund. When it was first created, the Nirbhaya Fund talked a lot about women’s safety and made promises to build rape rehabilitation centres apart from helping the victims to emerge from the losses and lead a normal life once again. However, so far, the fund hasn’t been used for any victim, nor have the proposed rehabilitation centres or help centres have been built. A total waste of money we can say!

It is not like proposals were not made for the fund to be used. However, in reality, the fund has done nothing for any rape survivor so far nor has taken any steps to prevent such brutal and inhuman incidents in future.
Women’s security has been becoming a serious issue day by day with countless rape, molestation and eve-teasing incidents being reported in different cities and states in the country. Instead of allocating an extra 1000 crores to the Nirbhaya Fund, dear Finance Minister, it would have been better if the money would have been used to install CCTV cameras at public places in cities, build help centres across cities and create functional emergency helplines that could help women seek help in case of any grave situation.

And yeah, by the way, please train the police force to handle grave emergency cases. Also make sure they are professional enough to act quickly and wisely during such emergencies as most of them are not even sure about their jurisdiction.

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