Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I Never Implemented In Reality What I Learnt At School And College...

Okay so I am quite sure I am not the only one! In fact, all of us have experienced this in our lives; none of us have really implemented in reality what we were taught at school or college, isn’t it? I don’t remember having to use derivatives or integration at my office or I don’t have to do anything with the map of different states and countries. The world has progressed at an alarming pace over the last few years and India too has seen immense development take place in terms of technology, communication and more. Education, however, amidst all this, has remained outdated! Agree people?

Is our education system fit for today’s world?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think so! It must have been, at some point of time, the best curriculum for students that taught them things right. For instance, learning maths tables was justified when there were no calculators. Now, all of us have calculators in our mobile phones and learning tables, the different methods of division isn’t really necessary. Or drawing a perfect circle using the geometry box; do you think it is ever going to have any relevance or practical application in our life?

It is a matter of fact that in the race to become technologically sound and compete with other nations, education remained sidetracked. Once perfect, education had never been concentrated upon by our ministers which is why it has become outdated now and has no practical relevance or connection with life. But it is justified? Is this the way it should be? Is it not the right of our children, the tomorrow of the nation, to learn things that are right and that which can help them in future to make a bright career or grow as responsible citizens of the country?

What’s happening in the country is purely due to lack of good education!

We know what’s happening in our country currently. Forget terrorist attacks or enemy invasions, people are burning the country from within, leaving it in a sorry state. The everyday violence following the beef ban in the northern parts of the country, political parties protesting the launch of a book because it is written by a Pakistani, throwing black paint on a reputed politician, all of these are incidences that give a classic example of what lack of good education can do to us and to the country as a whole. Here, I am stressing the word GOOD EDUCATION. Because I know not all the people who are participating in these violent and baseless acts are uneducated. In fact, many of them are well educated, employed and have a good knowledge about the political situation of the country with exact facts and figures. Of course, Hardik Patel, the face of the Patidar protests in Gujarat, is a classic example. But, although educated, these people are the real fools dwelling in our country, who are using their false and incomplete knowledge against the society and resorting to violence.

Why we need good education right away?

Education is what shapes our personality and determines what we grow up to, although there are many more factors that affect us on a day to day basis. By good education, I mean education that teaches us to be responsible citizens of India, to participate in programs that can bring about development in the country and make contributions to the country’s growth and well being. Learning derivatives or the usage of a blast furnace, the chemical formula of methane and all such stupid, irrelevant things is surely not going to help any of us. What the nation needs right now is a change; a change in the way we learn and the content we are taught.

Instead of all the impractical things that we are taught, why can’t schools and colleges teach children to respect both the genders, make the right use of technology and scientific knowledge, indulge into tree planting and social welfare programs, help humans and all the living beings on earth, combat violence and understand each other in the first place? Why can’t our schools and colleges teach children, the future of our nation, that there is no such thing as religion and we should not judge people based on it?
Don’t we need a serious change in the curriculum that is presently taught in schools and colleges across the country? If you agree with me, please share this article as much as you can so that it reaches the education minister and the right authorities and forces them to take action!

Disclaimer: This article comes after a casual chat with a friend +Sheetal Maurya. The topic that began somewhere with the ISIS, followed by the Dadri killings progressed up to the violence going on in the society. It was this friend of mine who suggested and motivated me to write on the current pathetic situation of education in India. I thank her from my heart for suggesting me a topic that is so vital to the nation currently.