Friday, 22 January 2016

Kudos To This Tiny Village In Meghalaya!

How many of us have not complained about our cities being unclean and dirty every time we stepped out from our house? Probably, none of us! We all have grudges about cleanliness in our cities and most of us simply blame the government for not maintaining cleanliness in and around. But have anyone of us really thought about making our city clean and 100 per cent free from dirt? No! We need to learn a lesson from this tiny village in Meghalaya!

Mawlynnong is a tiny hamlet in the state of Meghalaya that now owns the title of being the first cleanest village in India. Once a completely unknown place, it is now a major tourist attraction for its natural beauty and for being the cleanest village in the country.

The story of Mawlynnong is truly an inspiring one and the one that teaches us to take the roots in our hands and contribute towards the city or village we dwell in. Mawlynnong is a tribal village in Meghalaya where people came together to achieve the common purpose of cleanliness and make their small village a hub for tourists across the world. If a tribal village can accomplish this, why not we city dwellers who are much more educated and aware about technology than them?

We, in huge cities and metros, are so much occupied with our lives and career that we hardly have any time to give to our surroundings. In fact, despite being educated, merely to save time, people dump waste and garbage carelessly on the roads, not taking a note of how much that affects the beauty and health of our city. Mawlynnong, on the other hand, has taken little steps in the last few years, that helped it to accomplish this goal and emerge as the cleanest village in the country.

The tiny village has bamboo dustbins at every corner of the road so that people dump plastic packages and wrappers into them. The road also bears warning signs for people to dispose of waste strictly in the dustbins and avoid littering. And, the people there actually follow the rules, unlike most of us in towns and cities!

If they can do it, why not us? We know technology better, we are much more educated than them and are aware of our social and environmental responsibility. No, it does not take one a lot of hard work to find a dustbin and dump wrappers and plastic inside it. If we all work together and pledge not to litter our city, wouldn’t our cities be capable of setting such a record too?

This surely needs careful consideration by each one of us. Let’s pledge not to dirty our cities and keep our surroundings clean and healthy all the time. After all, we want our future generations to lead a better, cleaner and disease-free life, isn’t it?

Cheers to Mawlynnong for setting an example in front of the entire nation!