Monday, 4 January 2016

When The Railway Minister Broke All Stereotypes...

When we talk of government servants and officials, a typical image of people wasting people’s time at their office comes to our mind. Several times when I had been to various government offices, I have observed how the officials chitchat and waste people’s precious time and I am sure most of you would agree with me on this.

But 2015 was an iconic year that witnessed a breaking of this stereotype. And it was none other than our Railway Minister, Mr Suresh Prabhu. Yes, he is the man who inspired a lot of good and went a step ahead to help people and to solve their problems instantly.

Technology has gone far in the modern world and we all know the benefits of social media in today’s world. But who would have thought social media would help them save their life? Quite literally, however, Suresh Prabhu has shown the world how to make the best and positive use of social media to deal with problems and come up with effective solutions quickly.

On the 19th of December, 2015, a young girl was travelling in the Shramjeevi Express from Delhi to Patna when she was misbehaved with and harassed by a co-passenger. The alert young victim immediately posted her ordeal on Twitter and tagged Mr Prabhu who then arranged quick help for the young lady. The help came 30 minutes after the complaint was tweeted online and the accused was arrested by the Railway Police at the following station.

Isn’t this a classic example of how our system must function or how efficient and quick-witted our government officials should be? Had the girl not received the help on time, she might have had to face a terrible disaster. But thanks to our Railway Minister for his quick response which ensured that the girl travelled safely and reached her destination.

Some of you may argue that it is his job and he has done nothing outstanding. But, in a country like India, where the number of rapes and violent incidences has been rising continually over the last few years, this move was certainly a comforting one. Women travelling in any part of the country can now be ascertained that they are safe, and, in case any untoward incident happens, there is someone around to help them and rely upon. Truly, a great salute for your kind deed, Mr Prabhu!

And it is not just that! Mr Prabhu did not simply stop here! On the very first day of the New Year 2016, Mr Prabhu proved himself again when he arranged help for an ailing child following a tweet by his father. The child had been severely dehydrated and despite repeated attempts by the parents to stop her vomiting and loose motions. Unable to figure out what to do, the father tweeted to the Railway Ministry and got immediate help after which the child was admitted to the paediatric ward of the Divisional Railway Hospital in Asansol.

Where government work is deemed to be slow and tedious in India since ages, the Railway Minister was really commendable on his prompt response. He indeed gave 2016 a wonderful start with his timely and responsible deed of helping the child. While 2015 ended on a good note for the railways due to the Minister, the New Year saw an even promising start. He has indeed #SpreadTheVibe and we hope India gets more such responsible and witty officers who work for the people in the true sense and would not hesitate to go a step forward to arrange help for someone!
Great job, Mr Prabhu!

Disclaimer: This article has been written as an entry for the contest #SpreadTheVibe by Indiblogger and YouthKiAwaaz!