Thursday, 3 March 2016

The ‘SELFIE’ Bug

I certainly do not need giving any introduction to this topic. The ‘Selfie’ bug, by far, seems to have bitten all and people can’t help but take more and more of selfies every day! Whether it is a random day at work, a shopping outing or a dinner date, ek selfie to banta hi hai, right guys? But what people can do to take one unusual and unique selfie is becoming more of a concern these days.

Who doesn’t like getting clicked? Of course, we all do! And, with sharing pictures on social media and chat applications becoming so popular these days, teens and even adults are just going gaga over selfies. Everyone wants to have one, a cool and unique one that would fetch over hundreds of likes on social media and make them popular among their circles.

And, why not? Photographs are the best forms of memories you can collect and live the special moments of your life days, months and even years later. Naturally, taking pictures and selfies has been becoming a rage in the modern times because every smartphone now has a brilliant camera, multiple easy photo-sharing apps and Facebook and Instagram, of course. But, to what extent the ‘selfie’ fever goes is something worth watching.

Just go to Google and type ‘selfie deaths’! A number of links appear- some news, some listicles and even photographs that show the horror of the issue. People literally have been going selfie-crazy, and, by the word crazy, I literally mean crazy! You even have a Wikipedia page in the name ‘List of Selfie-related injuries and death’ that provides information about selfie-accidents from 2014 to present. And, it is not funny!

Selfies are now becoming a leading cause of death among teenagers and youngsters. Most statistics reveal that the people who have attempted dangerous stunts for taking selfies and died or injured in the meanwhile are in the age group of 13-30. These are our youngsters, the future of our nation and also the world. No wonder, the desire to get popular among friends often drives them to take such extreme steps but to what extent we go purely depends on our own.

Of course, teenagers and youngsters in their twenties are not kids to not understand the ill-effects of trying dangerous stunts. People have died taking selfies while leaning on cliffs, climbing on high-rise buildings or standing on the edges of hills. Any sane person can naturally sense the danger while he or she is standing at the edge of a hill or leaning on a cliff. But the desire to get clicked and post pictures on social media has taken over the fear of losing one’s life, it seems! And, that’s why the word- CRAZY!

‘Selfie’, more than a trend has been becoming a threat to people these days. It seems to be a disease that is infecting everyone, especially youngsters and driving them to do unwanted things and stunts despite knowing the dangers they offer to one’s life. In my opinion, the rising ‘selfie-craze’ needs to be treated, with counselling and medication, so that people refrain from indulging into dangerous activities just to get clicked.

It completely depends on us on how far we choose to go or how soon we choose to limit ourselves. It is certainly not a bad thing to click pictures, make memories, preserve them and upload them on social media to share your beautiful moments with the world. But we should choose our own finish line and recognize the dangers of stunting for selfies.