Tuesday, 29 March 2016

It’s A World Of TERROR: EgyptAir Flight HIJACKED!

An EgyptAir plane MS181 has been hijacked by a group of unidentified hijackers when it was on its way to Cairo from Alexandria. According to reports, the plane has been landed at Cyprus after the hijackers contacted the control tower and sought permission for the landing. Nearly 80 passengers, including crew, have been believed to be on board.

With the dawn of 2016, terrorism seems to have taken a new birth too! Not that it had not existed before; oh how can we forget the Paris attacks in 2015, the attacks in India in 2008 and the fatal terrorist activities going on across the world since years! But terrorism seems to be taking a new birth currently, with a greater objective of destroying the world and humanity in general.

So the year began with the gruesome terrorist attacks in Pathankot, India that left many officers martyred. Following the fateful attack, when the country was put on high alert, suspected terrorists with explosives were arrested in certain parts of the country. Clearly, this indicated the planning of an attack, probably a bigger one that intended to kill humans and humanity. Like the previous ones were not enough to cause destruction, fresh attacks have been planned against the world by certain terror groups since years now.

Months after India suffered the Pathankot attack, Brussels in Belgium was attacked recently, allegedly by a suicide bomber, causing immense destruction to life and property. And, like that was not enough to scare people enough, Pakistan too recently faced a gruesome terrorist attack that has rendered many children without parents and parents without children.

While the world mourns in terror for the attack victims, while people are still making rounds of hospitals in Brussels and Pakistan to find their dear ones, here comes another blow in the form of the hijack!

What’s happening around us? While most of us are busy working and earning a fair income for ourselves and our families, how much can we guarantee our life?

India, recently, witnessed the story of Neerja Bhanot, a brave flight attendant, who had saved the passengers of a hijacked Pan Am flight in 1986 through the Bollywood movie, Neerja. While the world witnessed and watched in horror the story of the braveheart who risked her own life to save over 350 passengers on board, here comes the news of another hijack! God be with the innocent passengers and shield them from all dangers!

Terrorism has been taking the world by fire lately! The back to back terror attacks in different parts of the world clearly indicate that we are heading towards a dark future, a world of hatred and violence.
And what is all this done for? Religion? They are right when they say ‘Terrorism Has No Religion’! Because none of the religions in the world preaches violence to its followers! What is done in the name of jihad and God, in reality, is simply a gruesome act of mass killings and murders that do not take the terrorists anywhere but to hell. It is a second thing whether they get caught or not, but, surely none of the souls would be guaranteed peace for killing people, destroying homes and families and murdering humanity.

The entire world needs to unite against terrorism and give a tough fight to it so as to curb it. Yes, it is surely not an easy task to put an end to it but, together, things can be sorted out more easily!
First and the foremost, it is necessary to determine the financial sources of the terrorist groups. Once the sources are found, they need to be blocked as soon as possible. No, it certainly isn’t easy but, it is not impossible either. There are many loopholes in our administrative systems that these terrorist groups take an advantage of to destroy humans and humanity.

Let’s simply pray for the passengers on the EgyptAir flight and for all those who lost their innocent lives in such ghastly terror acts!