Sunday, 15 December 2013

16 December....An year later!

16 December 2012! Who wouldn't remember this date? A day of terror, a day that shook every Indian, a day that led to an uprising all over the country, a day that raised questions over women's security! It is 16 December yet again! Its past an year that the country witnessed one of the most horrendous crimes in its history- the rape of a young girl on a moving bus in the national capital. One year after witnessing the terrific incident, an year after fighting for the security of women, how safe are we today? Is there anyone to answer this?

Last year, India witnessed a ghastly crime, one of its nature, that left every India awestruck. After holding candle marches and protests, after having sentenced the criminals to death penalty, India still today fights to protect its women from the horrible intentions of some males. After the Delhi Rape Case, although protests were held in every part of the world, what did really change? Although the law relating to rape, molestation, etc changed, do women in India feel safe today? I had previously written an article over this ( where I had attempted to analyse the after effects of the Delhi case and the subsequent changes in law. For those who have read the article, you would surely know that the number of crimes against women, particularly molestation and rapes, showed a slanting upward  graph. So what lessons have we taken from the deadly incident an year ago? Nothing? Even after an innocent girl lost her life?

When the question of security of women is raised, we haven't been successful in making the world a better place for girls. There are so many women who commute with fear everyday, late night, because they work in shifts or they have to support their family! Haven't they got the right to enjoy a secure life? Even Mumbai, that was once considered as the safest city for women in India, has had a record of crimes in the last year. Every day I commute, I see men staring, some even passing comments, some singing, whistling and what not! And every girl has witnessed this at some point in life, however, many of us simply ignore because that's the best way to deal with it! And then people say girls are at fault, their dressing is blamed ! Why don't we simply attempt to teach our sons and brothers to respect women instead?

Today, on 16 December 2013, I have written this blog to salute the spirit of the young braveheart who fought for life despite being completely destroyed. Yes, we can never imagine the ordeal she went through, so just a salute to her spirit, will power and bravery! If every girl in India shows this spirit and raises voice over even the smallest of crimes, we would definitely be able to make our country a better place, if not the best!