Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What Should Be India's New Year Resolution?

So we are at that time of the year again when everyone resorts to making resolutions for the New Year and following them throughout. While personal resolutions have always been very common, have you ever thought of making a New Year resolution for the country? What do you think must be India’s New Year resolution for 2016?

Research has it that the most common personal resolution made by people is losing weight and getting in the right shape every year. Improving a relationship and being good to people is the 8th most common New Year resolution made by people across the world. But, this year, let’s start something new. Let’s make a resolution for the betterment of our country that would not only benefit us but also our future generations. What say?

What I mean by making a resolution for the country is that every single individual must pledge to be a better citizen of the nation and stop being a part of social crimes and evils. For instance, let is resolve to not take or offer bribes in 2016 and thereafter. If every single individual of the country pledges to this, then our nation can become corruption-free. Isn’t it?

Yes, I know this is something next to impossible. Not everyone has the heart of gold and some people have a never-ending hunger for money. But, simple moves and resolutions from our side can help make our nation a sturdy one and a better place to live in. For every parent, let your New Year resolution be that you will teach your sons to respect women and protect them. If every parent of this generation teaches their sons to be respectable, humble and responsible towards women, our next generation will see fewer crimes such as rapes and murders. Of course, making India completely crime-free is not possible but we can still try to influence as many people as we can.

Let us all make a resolution to respect one another and every human on this planet and not judge people on the basis of caste, creed, race, religion, language or gender. Let us all make a resolution to care more for our environment and avoid polluting our surroundings in any way. Let us all make a resolution to help one another, be kind and generous and raise our voice every time we witness crime or injustice happening around us. Many people in today’s world do not care about the injustice happening around them due to a lack of time and insecurity, fear or carelessness. But, there can be anyone of us in the same situation or even our loved ones. So let us all come together to raise voice against anything and everything that kills our unity and integrity.

If you guys have any more resolutions to share, please comment in the comment box below. I would love to get responses from you. Also, let me know what your resolutions are for the New Year 2016.