Saturday, 21 December 2013

Isn't rash driving and killing a crime?

Every time I step out of my home informing my parents that I am taking our car out, I get hundred instructions to drive slow and safe! It seems rich people do not teach this to their children, assuming they would simply let go off any untoward incident or accidents. This evening I got a message on Whatsapp regarding the recent accident case in Mumbai on the high-profile Peddar Road in which 2 people were killed and 6 injured. The Aston Martin car with Rs.4.5 crore that crashed into an Audi on the road has been proven to be owned by Reliance. Reports also state that the expensive sports car was driven by the Ambani son, Akash Ambani. I had read the news on NDTV the day the accident took place. However, the story was later deleted from the websites of all news channels and newspapers, there were no follow ups made and even the Mumbai police tried to hide the identity of the culprit! I cannot assert that the accident was caused by Akash Ambani himself but  I would like to know why the story was never reported again.

This points out how pure our entire system is! This points out how pure our law enforcement system is! And this points out how true the media is! We have been believing that rash driving and killing someone, drunken driving was a crime. Yes, it certainly is! But not for the high-profile Indians who are rich and owners of some of the prominent news organisations in India. My question is why is only common man liable to law? We have been taught since childhood that no man is superior before law. Then why this discrimination?

A few months back, I was driving my car and accidentally I happened to enter a one way! I was caught that time and my driving license was seized unless I visited the police station and paid the fine. If such a small thing could be fined, why is a murder not considered as a crime? Just because it was committed by someone influential. Does this mean you would be ready to surrender your life to someone who has a lot of money just to walk away with a clean chit?

The Supreme Court has recently passed a judgment stating gay relationships and gay sex is a crime! Do you know what? The Court took away our basic right from us; we do not have the liberty to decide whom to love and spend our life with. If that could be considered a crime, isn't a murder something more grave and important? Why should the common man suffer always? It is not proved anyway that the Ambani son was involved in the murder, but I personally think the case could have been reported further instead of deleting it from anywhere. And our politicians, as usual, who scream on the top of their voices while demanding votes, too kept mum about the issue. And this doesn't surprise me at all! After all what can we expect from these fellows?

After all, a common man is a common man in India and he would be exploited always! The rich have fun always, however!

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