Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Thank You all for a wonderful year !!!!!

As the year 2013 is set to meet its end tomorrow, it feels great and also sad to bid adieu to a wonderful year that brought a hundred smiles on the face and a hundred tears in the eyes! The year has come to an end, within no time! Time flies away, it really does, and I still remember clearly the moments of ultimate joy and sorrow throughout the year!

It started off quite well, moved forward very swiftly and gave some lifetime experiences that I would never ever forget! This year I graduated from my college, a place I miss the most everyday! The bunking of lectures, the lunch at canteen, the frankie outside the college, those ling walks in the campus! There are some things that remain special in life, no matter what! I would love thanking my awesome friends for this wonderful college life that I enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you +Aarti Ranpura, Reshmi Nair, +Kinjal Shah +Hansel Mendonca +smeet vedant +Avirath Kadam +priya shetty +harshala barge +Prarthana Uppal +Swapnali Barot +Pratik Bhanushali, Eric, Aarti Jadhav and Sujata Kharat. 

After college, I had the best experience of my life at work. First time is always special and so was the first job for me! I met some of the best friends of my life- not only friends but guides and sisters who motivated me and helped me understand things! Guys, seriously I am writing this blog today because I learnt it at my first job with you all. Thank you all of you for explaining me things and helping whenever I needed. Love you +Neetee Mhatre +Archana Patil +Harshada Kadam +Jitu Mane, Adiya Jalgaonkar, +Datta Dhisale +Devendra Tanawade. I have had a great time with you all, we have laughed so much that you would forever remain special for me!

And how can I forget my family? They were always there to help me, support and motivate! After family is the one whom you share your special moments of joys and sorrows with. Thank You so much +Neha Kshirsagar  +Satish Kshirsagar Mummy , Pranali Sarangdhar, Vidya Sarangdhar, Shalmali Kulkarni, Surendra Sarangdhar, Mrunal Kulkarni, Shardool Kulkarni, both my grandmoms, Supriya Kadadekar, +Shailesh Kadadekar and Aayu Kadadekar.

And then comes the turn of my new office mates! Although I haven't bonded with many, here come a few names that added smile to my face! Thank you so much +Aarti Ranpura Aditi Junnarkar, Ashwini Dhoble and Anandi.

All the above mentioned people, you made my life wonderful this year and I hope you all stay the same with me forever! Sorry if I missed out on someone's name. I love you all! :)